French troops MG crowd in Côte d'Ivoire

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Nov 25, 2004.

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  1. USMC guy shoots insurgent possible playing possum, round-the-clock media outcry. Some Ivorians moon the French, and get shot at. Reports indicate 60 casualities. World press practically ignores it.

    With video (scroll down - gets gory towards the end):
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    This is just disgusting !

    Typical frog, too much, too heavy and goes on for much too long. An assault on innocents.

    I'm only talking of the damn video !
    Downloads quick enough allright - don't even have to click on anything - just fires itself at you.
    It drones on & on before much happens then drones on again afterwards.

    I'm glad there was a couple of intermissions while they changed reels so's I could take a leak & get some scoff.

    Bloody frogs !

    Even their newsreels are pretentious and boring !
  3. Algeria part 2, anyone?
  4. Watched the whole vid, not disputing the injuries, but there were armed militia guys in the crowd. Why did the French open fire? The crowd was right up to the road/hedge at one point, sound was crap were warnings given?

    As for why the press arnt onto it, well Chirac was here, they speak French not English and we hate em all anyway :wink:
  5. Hearts and minds French style? :evil:
  6. Reckon So, they are bunch of arrogant sods, they never learn, now instead of preaching, the are learning the hard way.

    Chirac is no Napeleon and we all know what happened to him.

    When his term of office finishes, the courts await him for his manipulation of funds whilst Mayor of Paris, Ah Pollies what a shower of Shite they are :evil:

    Incidentally I am having no joy with the link, anyone got one that works :)
  7. Were there armed militia guys? I didn't see them. But what would the media have done if it had been the Spams in the same position????? :?: :?:

    A direct link to the video is:

    Try opening it in Media Player
  8. Hmmm, not sure about this video, it looks a bit over edited - anyone reckon it's fake?
  9. No I don't think its faked. The 'edited' bits are probably just where he's turned his camera on and off again. I've seen videos like this from Africa before. Ones which graphically show executions and the like and they have loads of cuts, but there's definetley nothing faked about the shootings.

    On a lighter note what about the protesters mooning the french in the beginning and the lad waving his tooth brush and toothpaste at them? Even the africans notice french hygene standards...

    Overall this video sums up africa for me. Chanting, probably drugged up crowds getting shot up. Sad to say there'll be no end to it in Africa for a long time.
  10. Hehe, yes I have to take my hat off to them for the mooning, that was a class act. I found it interesting that the crowds hung around for so long during/after the gunfire but then again I'm assuming that they are used to it (in a sense) and just take thier chances.

    Bloody French.
  11. Off topic slightly, does anyone have a link for the 'History of French warfare'? Starts with the Romans and hence them getting beaten by the Italians even before they were Italians etc - can't find it though.
  12. Go to google, type "french military victories" into the search box, & then hit "I'm feeling lucky". Then click on the alternative search it suggests.

  13. The UN move to ban arms sales to the Ivory Coast , and the IC UN Ambassador is there giving it large on the podium.

    60+ Ivorians machinegunned at the hands of la salle Francais and not a peep from that worthy?

    The Video;

    3.16 in , the French Platoon Commander says , give them 10 rounds rapid over their heads, as evidenced by some members of the crowd sitting up and watching proceedings. I don't care where or who you are, when the 5.56 starts arriving at waist height, you break and run and scream.

    9.00 in , a man is in l'hopital getting patched up. Cameraman at obvious pains trying not to include the man's cammies

    10.00-16.00 in . Crowd breach the cordon sanitaire around the AMX , PC says "Le Dix rounds rapidement" crowd goes firm then back up again for more chants of Liberte. Firing continues , injuries to crowd shown, ranging from gunshot?, injuries to people fainting.

    17.00 in, crowd start to reassemble.

    18.00 in . Distressing shot of a local with no head.

    19.15 - 2 UN SUV's shown burning.

    Now, the question is this.

    Did the French open fire on a crowd and start dropping them for the sheer fun of it.

    Or were they trying to extract UN personnel in danger of being caught by the same people that have been attacking anyone with a white skin for the last month?

    Yes the film is very clumsily edited.
  14. fair point, but not faked in that it looks like there are genuine injuries. I'm not goining to make judgments on who did the killing. The lords knows they prefer chopping eachother up more than they do the white man...
  15. From the video you can't see whether the cheese munchers were justified in opening fire or not. But whatever happened, there was some serious collateral.

    My point was rather that had the same thing happened with the Spams, every media outlet in the world would have been all over it like starving rabid dogs for days, and would make the previous USMC episode look like it had occupied a small slot on the local news in Cumbria...