French troops had bin Laden in sights: documentary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. French troops had bin Laden in sights: documentary
    Yahoo News
  2. I find it hard to think the Frogs would wait for US orders to kill Osama.
  3. I dont speak French and I doubt very many of the US forces do either. makes this translation:

    'j'ai le casier chargé ' ='I have bin Laden'

    if that's what came over the radio I seriously doubt any US GI would understand WTF the French were talking about...."I've lost my charge card?" :? :D
  4. If they could make a decision like that, it would be a quantum leap in their thinking, never likely to happen, in a month of Sundays :D
  5. Last time I heard this story it was SAS then as the shooters, hard to believe anyone would ask to slot Osama if given the chance
  6. Since when did the French ever consider asking permission to do anything?

    They (like their American rivals) are a law unto themselves.!
  7. How would the French know what is in their sights? I've never been able to see though a weapon sight thats on the floor...
  8. If they had Ali Bint Sh1t Heed in their sights, would either Paris or Washington want him deed ?
  9. I'll go with LineDoggie on this one, same story different nationality. It must be a slow news day
  10. There's an Aussie SAS version in the end of Not a Good Day to Die, too. I suspect there are quite a few special operations types who saw an old guy with a lot of security a long way off and are secretly convinced "it coulda been me!"
  11. in about twenty years' time, we're all going to be accosted by dodgy old blokes in pubs swearing blind that when they served with THEM they once had HIM in their rifle sights
  12. Actual translation is "my filing cabinet is full."

    Maybe it's code?
  13. On the other hand, if:

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend": whose side would any decently Republican Frog govt see OBL as on? :wink: