French translation please

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by monsoon_ditch, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell what this says
    I've run it through babel fish but it doesn't make sense. It refers to a 9mm rd.

  2. Have you run it through a gobbledegook translator ?
  3. The French translation is;

    Sans marquage ! culot vert, l'étui est le prolongement de la balle et part avec le coup ! Fab fiocchi sans suite !

    Hope this helps.
  4. Without marking! green nerve, the case is the extension of the bullet and part with blow!
  5. It's something like "Without marking. The casing with the green cap is the extension of the bullet and goes with the shot. [Fab Fiocchi are not French words - perhaps the Italian (?) make?] - without effect.

    Doesn't make perfect sense to me either - is the punctuation correct? It could be a bad translation from another language, if made elsewhere.
  6. Without marking! green base, the étui is the prolongation of the ball and share with the blow! Fab fiocchi without continuation

  7. without marking cheek? the green case the east is the continuation of the ball? share with the shot FAB result
  8. Mine is the best cos I'm supposed to be able to speak French. I appreciate that is more a matter for shame than a mark of kudos round here.
  9. Well mine came word by word off a froggy dictionary wotsit on the web so that would be why its pants
  10. It's a cut and paste, from a French website, item describe by the seller who is French. It's the description of the rd. It looks like an igniter rd for a flamethrower.
  11. The translation actually reads as follows;

    'I'd like to buy a pair of exploding trousers. Can you deliver to Hartlepool and can I have sexual favours with your Gnu please?'.
  12. if its cut and paste, it may be ouvert - open instead of vert - green, which is clearly much funnier than acceptable in French. The rest of the translation may, sadly, make sense.
  13. No-one's going to get that one
  14. The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true. Fiocchi goes well on waistcoats when worn as part of a 3-piece suit.

    I might be wrong.
  15. culot = cap when referring to a cartridge, i.e. the primer. Fiocci is an Eyetie ammo mfg.

    No markings! green primer, the case is [formed of] a lengthening of the bullet and separates with the shot. Fab Fiocci without followers!