French to stay in Afghan till the mission is done...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yeoman_dai, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. Given there is only 14 of them, they dont go out after dark or at weekends, and have mostly taken residence in all the low risk areas, I am not certain that the TB are contemplating getting round the negotiating table as a result.

    Stil, keeps things multi-national.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The French have had a fair share (I realise that is not really a good ter) of deaths and injuries. I fear though, that if they do stay there until the 'mission is done' then they will either:

    a) get very lonely after a few years, or

    b) end up with a situation that would make Dien Bien Phu look like a training exercise.

    Well done for them, though, to announce a policy based on strategic requirements, rather than knee-jerk short-term political 'necessity'.
  3. French in Combat area?

    What's the world coming to?
    Next we'll have a unified Germany, a worldwide depression, isolationist America, and defence cuts so savage that the Armed forces will only exist in theory/on paper.

    shi'ite hold on.......
  4. It is a fair position. However, unlikely it would change the strategic situation in Afganistan. Apparenly, France will not send additional combat troops.

    Also the husband of Karla Bruni expects that the war in Afghanistan will end rather sooner than later.
  5. French to stay in Afghanistan?

    On which side?
  6. The French are subject to the same kind of pressures that affect the rest of NATO: defence costs money, however badly it may stick in the craw of the present Republique, being as close as possible to America cuts the cost (to France) of defending the realm. This statement puts them in the same boat we have been using since B'liar shoved it up Shi'ite Creek without a paddle in '03.

    The single most important strategic issue at stake in AFG for the Euro-states of NATO, is their individual relationship with Unca Sam, and I don't see us or the French hanging on in there a single day longer than is required to protect that.

    And O yes - French soldiers are paying the price, just like Brits are. From memory, the latest deaths were a lieutenant and corporal (I think they were from the 21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Marine, based at Frejus in the Alps), on Monday.

    As a Saxon Englishman with a surname of Norman French origin, I reserve the right to knock the French nation, but I'll take my hat off to their soldiers.
  7. Despite the piss taking the frogs have always been good soldiers, the took very heavy losses in both world wars and if we didn't have channel between us we would have surrendered to the krauts just as quikly , the BEF didn't fair any better than the frogs.

    I would be willing to bet they would prefer to be in Helmand if the politicians weren't wrapping them in cotton wool.
  8. Their losses in WW1 were to a great extent down to their Generals. The heavy losses in WW2, were confined to the small percentage who chose to fight, rather than farm.

    Like I said, I reserve the right to knock the French nation . . . .
  9. What he said! :)
  10. I dispute some of the linked historical resume:
    "French Revolution: Won, primarily due to the fact that the opponent was also French."

    Given that the ruling monarchy was deposed, I would have put this down as a clear French loss.
  11. Piss taking aside though, would we have done any different if apanzer division rolled through London, there would be those who fought and those who passively resisted whilst getting on with their lives, and those who collaborated .

    After 13 yrs of Labour rule, in which we were taxed to buggary, bankrupted , spied upon,our boarders opened and our hard earned sovereignty given away to europe without the promised refferendum , had Labour been successful in thier last desperate bid to cling to power would we have rioted in the streets or just quitely whinged a bit and gone about our business ?

    If call me Dave went back on his word and handed more power over to the EU would anyone care unless it meant losing thier homes or livelihood ?

    I think in many ways we are far more passive than the French who aren't afraid of a bit of civil disobedience when it suits them.
  12. Yawn.
  13. Mark 1234

    " if we didn't have channel between us we would have surrendered to the krauts just as quikly ". Oh no we 'kin would not. It would seem that you know very little of your forbears. It would be entirely foolish to assume that merely because much of today's society lacks moral fibre to a remarkable degree, that their predecessors suffered similarly. They did not.