French still smarting over Trafalgar defeat

This from The Times:

Two hundred years after the pride of their navy was sunk at the battle of Trafalgar, the French appear to be still smarting at the defeat. Some 41 rowed boats and 29 motor vessels set off from Greenwich this morning in a reenactment of Admiral Lord Nelson's funeral procession along the River Thames.

But members of the Nelson Society, which organised the gala, said that authorities at the French naval port of Brest had refused to accept a copy of the historic Dispatch announcing the victory - even though it was a modern, politically correct rewrite of the original message.

"We were told we wouldn't be welcome in Brest and they didn't want to receive the Dispatch," one Society member, who did not want to be named, said aboard the training vessel Lord Nelson which carried the Dispatch.,,2-1783800,00.html

Why are the French such bad losers? You'd think they'd have got used to it by now...
I don't see why they should be as they and their counterparts were absolutely smashed and destroyed by a British tactic they had never seen before! They were stuffed End of Story!
I suppose that the Germans would still be reeling if you sent a message to Berlin....

"Dear Mr Hitler,

I appreciate that you have nothing more to loose than the war, but look at your surrender not as the opportunity to loose, but more as an opportunity to win! Your great country could gain all of the technological advances that we make, paid for by us (the Allied Victor) and make a feckin' mint out of our re-building programme.

Please could you let our old and bold (and no doubt our old and bold's sons and grand-sons) bomb Dresden for one last time. It will be received by your countrymen as a great honour to the victory you had in taking over our beer, cars and electronics industry. Hell, I'd even buy a Mini now that BMW are involved.

Could you ask your Jap mates to give us a look-in too....

Many thanks

Tony Bliar PM

P.S. Any good tips for invading France? I appreciate that you only did it the once personally, but hey, you nearly succeeded! ;)

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