French Special Forces

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ICATQ, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Troops storm ferry as anger grows over fate of Corsica shipping line

    · Elite forces quell mutiny by 30 unarmed sailors
    · Violent demonstrations in Marseille and Bastia

    Jon Henley in Paris
    Thursday September 29, 2005
    The Guardian

    In a dramatic early-morning display of force, French special forces abseiled from helicopters yesterday and stormed a Corsican ferry that had been hijacked by sailors protesting against plans to privatise the island's shipping line.
    Five Puma helicopters carrying about 50 officers raided the Pascal Paoli, a combined cargo and passenger ferry run by the ailing, state-owned SNCM ferry company, which was lying off the Corsican port of Bastia after being commandeered by unionists in Marseille on Tuesday.
  2. Now thats the way to deal with illegal union action!

    Watch out the TGU! :D
  3. French Special Forces v 'Unarmed' Sailors?
    Surprised they didn't just blow it up or sink the thing.
    Rainbow Warrior Anyone?
  4. At last! A victory!!
  5. I think it was just a case of sailers doing the mexican wave first thus beating the special forces 'officers'.
  6. Arc De triomphe(spelling anyone) beckons! 1st victory since before Trafalgar-is'nt it?
  7. french special forces , didn't know there was ever one, must be special cos they can hold their hand in the air the longest
  8. Amusingly (for us English speakers) some of the French Special Forces units used to (and may still?) go by the acronym 'CRAP' (which actually stands for Commandos de Recherche et d’Action dans la Profondeur, if anyone's interested)...
  9. I thought the most elite French combat team was Asterix and Obelix.
  10. Any french forum members care to comment????????????
  11. McNab's French Counterpart.

  12. matelot,you never fail to impress!!
  13. I do try!

  14. Non
  15. non case really is there!