French SF Rescue Hostages in Burkina Faso

Didn't even know it was on. Rip the two SF ops who got killed.


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I hope the 'music teachers on safari' are duly grateful.
Unfortunately I think French nationals are at great risk.

Due to the work for people throughout Francaphone North Africa, many end up there and are at risk.

Having had friends pass through, for example, Bamako quite recently some of the stories were alarming - and that was without going up to the north where the insurgency continues as normal (without the out and out Islamist revolt).
When local ‘law enforcement’ is both corrupt, repressive and dictatorial it becomes as bad and comparable to the outdated repressive and primitive as jihadist Islam.

In case and places where this happens, one is then used as an antidote against the other, and in Africa and the Middle East we see this extensively.

In the West it is not so common and confined to sections of Muslim society where integration is either refused, or practised alongside the stated policy of Islamic world domination.

The use of SF of various nations has perhaps been more widespread than reported in recent conflict with Islamic terrorism. Perhaps to try and defuse the increase of news on ‘religious war’?
Rest in Peace the operators killed in this operation.


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