French SF recruitment video

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by fantassin, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. The inheritor of the two Free French SAS regiments of WW2 fame is the 1er RPIMa located in Bayonne.

    Like many other such units, they are faced with a recurring recruitment problem and they are trying to attract more volunteers.

    Here is a short promotional video which has recently been released.

    Of note are the HK 416s, the Mercedes VPS 4X4 and the Land Rover Discovery III used by the CPTs.
  2. Are they all issued with "Phantom of the Opera" masks? 17 seconds in.

    I like the bit with the bloke ascending the rope. He has the ascender clipped on - but is obviously being pulled up. 1 min 12 sec.
  3. The white flag got caught half way up the pole, and someone had to unsnag it
  4. Nice vid! No doubt it is a little 'sexed up' as are all recruiting clips but good on them all the same. I need to read Wiki on how France organises its Special Forces as I've no idea and thought they were formed predominantly from the Legion. I'm also surprised by no FAMASs and the WMIK looking thing near the end (thought the enclosed VBL was more their thing).

    I think we should work more with the French - I know thats anathema to most squaddies but they've got an Army experienced in interventions in Africa and the like, they are not squeamish and afraid to get stuck in, and they are in a similar place to us geopolitically (former imperial power, now taken a less upfront role in the world but still with interests to protect worldwide). Beaucoup de lurvely femmes tambien! :D
  5. Qui Ose, Gagne. Now why couldn't our SF think of a snappy motto like that? :nod:
  6. To answer a few questions:

    there isn't a single FFL unit in the FRA SOF organization; the HK 416&417 and the HK G-36 are currently replacing the FAMAS that had not yet been replaced by Colt 723/733/M-4s and SIG-550/551/552 in the various army/navy/air SOF units; and the WMIK looking thing is a Panhard VPS (in fact a heavily modified Mercedes G-wagen based on the USMC IFAV).
  7. These are the units comprising the Commandement des Operations Speciales (COS):

    It is organised in two circles; first circle units are permanently under COS command, while second circle units may be called in if necessary. COS can also "requisition" any unit of military of France (Army, Air Force, Navy and Gendarmerie) for his missions.

    [edit] First circle

    COS is the exclusive (Army units) or main (Navy units) user of these special forces :

    [edit] Armée de Terre (Army)

    The French Army special operations forces are under command of Brigade des Forces Spéciales Terre (BFST, army special forces command).

    * 1er régiment parachutiste d'infanterie de marine : SAS-type unit for direct action
    * 13e Régiment de Dragons Parachutistes : long range recon unit
    * Détachement ALAT des Opérations Spéciales (DAOS, Army aviation detachment for special operations) : helicopter support unit, equipped with Gazelles, Pumas, and recently EC 725 CARACAL HUS; will be the first unit to receive Tiger helicopters.

    [edit] Marine Nationale (Navy)

    * Commandos-Marine : organised in five "commandos" (each having a specialisation) and a naval counter-terrorist team

    [edit] Armée de l'Air (Air Force)

    * Commando parachutiste de l'air n°10 (CPA 10, Air Parachute Commandos No.10)
    * Division des Opérations Spéciales (DOS, special operations division)
    o Division des Opérations Spéciales / Transport (DOS/T, special operations division, airlift), which uses C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall
    o Division des Opérations Spéciales / Hélicoptères (DOS/H, special operations detachment, helicopters), which uses helicopters
  8. You need to add to this list one more Navy Cdo unit "Commando Kieffer", a dedicated specialized support unit created in 2008, as well as a new CIS Coy within the BFST.

    Also, the "two circles" thingy has never actually been used and is more a consolation prize for the units that were not incorporated in the COS (FRA DSF) in 1992.

    Finally, a number of names, mainly within the Air Force units, have changed but the capabilities remain the same.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Is RAPAS a tactical or strategic SF unit ?

    Where does that leave GCP (who very sensibly changed their name from 'CRAP' :D ) ?
  10. I always thought the FAMAS was a piece of cr@p and as for FR F2 ......
  11. Calling the FAMAS a piece of crap is unreasonable. This rifle is over 30 years old now and there are of course better weapons available today. But when it was released it was a sound weapon, much better than the M-16A1, HK-33 and FNC is was pitted against during tests carried out in the 70s with the 5,56 mm rifles then available on the market.

    As for the FR-F2, just read Mark Spicer's first book on sniping (Spicer being a former PWRR sniper WO2). He trained with the French on several occasions and he wrote he was very pleasantly surprised by this rifle and that it was doing a very good job at being a designated marksman weapon, its assigned task in the French infantry.

    Finally, the 1er RPIMa is a strategic SOF, the GCP being the Pathfinders of the 11 AB Brigade (each Bn has one or two GCP team).

    RAPAS is the "skill identifier" of the DA SOF unit : Recherche AeroPortee et Actions Speciales, it is not a unit name. In that case, the unit is the 1er RPIMa, the inheritor of the two Free French SAS regiments of WW2.
  12. I've also used the M16 amongst others which was 10 times better when compared against the FAMAS in my opinion, and as I was tireur délite in my section and used the FR F2 very often in my service I also did'nt rate against other sniper rifles such as the L96...just my opinion of course
  13. Except the FR F2 is not a sniper but a DM rifle.

    As such, especially with the Scrome J8 scope which has replaced the old APX L806 scope, it's a valuable weapon in the hands of a Tireur de Precision (the Tireurs d'Elite are now using the PGM Hecate II in 50 cal.).

    The French army does not believe in snipers except for SF and it has always trained its DMs in short courses (like the CTE TP which lasts 4 weeks).

    SF snipers use Sako, AI or PGM rifles according to the units and needs.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The others all suffered from NIH too.

    The French blokes were on the whole a good bunch, often unwittingly giving everyone a laugh like the one bloke who showed he really was a tree frog...

    Cheers for the gen.