French Riots & general breakdown of society

The following link provides a brief assessment of the state of law and order on some of the larger housing estates in French cities. It would appear a complete breakdown in law and order has occurred with locals believing they have the right to do as they please and the authorities unable or unwilling to crack down. I can't believe the Frog Police don't have the necessary means to re-take these estates and suspect the liberal lobby is at work once again promoting what in effect appears to be anarchy. Is this an indication of things to come in the UK?

As most of these (if not all) of these estates consist of housing provided by the state to people who probably depend on state benefits, what right do they have to demand the authorities don't uphold the law of the land.
Well, would you? I mean, apart from it being full of froggies they are a breeding ground for terrorists (like Leeds and Bradford) and also have a very odd idea of treatys when NATO has anything to do with it - good riddance, chop heads off, that's what I say.


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Lowering the tone (if possible when discussing the French) the Police Lt pictured on the BBC story is higher-class totty than most of the Met 'females' I see around London :)
I hope there's no riots in the Dordogne.

That will seriously fcuk up the squash ladder rankings.

And the knitting circle will have to meet at a later date.
It won't last anyway, the Seaon for rioting has passed; much to cold to be on the streets late at night or early in the morning. Even chucking a few policemen on the fire won't keep them warm.
Cold, wet weather is a beat copper's best friend.
And this is the society that is supposedly breaking down. Breaking down or already broken down?

The French league match between Nice and Marseilles was held up for five minutes yesterday after a fireman lost two fingers while handling a firebomb thrown by Marseilles supporters.

Full story here