French Re-integration-Cheese eaters?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by The-Goose, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Words fail.
    How the hell are they back in. what benefit is gained. what can they do that makes their presence worth another opinion.

    Shall we order more Cheese and White Flags or just send all our contracts to Paris directly.
  2. I don't know, they are getting involved in Afgh aren't they?
    That ambush a few months ago, whilst hardly A Good Thing, demonstrates the risks they were taking on.
    And for NATO, they are probably a good experienced country to have reintegrated if you want to deal in Africa or the Middle East.

    I think the contrary question should be asked, why should they not be fully integrated? How could they have been in NATO but not in NATO's decisionmaking process :? Surely this is just putting that confuddled state of affairs to bed by getting them as fully involved as other nations are...
  3. Of course it was a french National decision by De Gaulle 1961 to leave NATO in the first place. So the reason they were (and still are) not fully included is that they chose not be. They also insisted that SHAPE leave Paris, hence it is in Mons ( a infamous little mud hole south of Brussels.) One of their reasons was that they did not want NATO to have control of or any involvement in their nuclear programme and thus they still remain not wholly involved.
  4. Very simple answer: France pays a lot into NATO (5th contributor IIRC) and provides a lot of forces too. Why then should France have no say in the use of its money and forces ? Why should countries that spend less and contribute less should have a say and France not ?

    And FYI, France never left NATO, only the integrated command structure.
  5. France remain outside full intergration as they are not able to access Nuc ops info, their Nuc Forces remain outside NATO. Typical fudge.
  6. Goose, do you think it'll cause any problems? If it encourages them to commit more in Afghanistan, why worry?
  7. Since France has its own, independent (unlike the UK) nuclear deterrence force, its integration in the nuke planning is irrelevant.

    And if you are in doubt about the future role of France within NATO, wait for the end of the PE review and you will be surprized by the number of slots currently being offered to France, especially by the US. It is way above any figures previously imagined by the French general staff...
  8. 26 stars with a 4 star as SACT. no great suprises and France cannot fill them!!
  9. The view that France cannot provide the posts is the current UK and German view but it is not shared by other nations and definitely not by the French. It is mostly based on the grasp of the English language with those two countries deciding (on what ground ?) that France would not be able to find enough English speakers for the posts it is going to fill...wishful thinking at best since English is part of the curriculum of all French officers and NCOs course and has been so for at least 15 years.

    In reality it is quite funny to see France being criticized for "coming back" after decades of criticism for "not being in"...and it is even funnier to see some countries rushing to fill posts that have been empty for years just to make sure that France will not fill them.

    There is just no pleasing some people
  10. France has apparently published a list of all the posts it will fill. The first Nation to do so.
  11. France has confirmed yesterday the names of the next commanders of ACT in Norfolk, the current chief of staff of the French Air Force, General Stéphane Abrial, and of the next JFC Lisbon commander, General Philippe Stolz.

    General Abrial has extensive international experience, having studied twice in the US Air Force academy, having been the OC of a German squadron within the "Molders" Wing and having been seconded to the Greek Air Force when they started operating Mirage 2000s.

    General Stolz is an army paratrooper who previously was the KFOR Deputy CDR in Kosovo. As a colonel, he was the CO of the 1er RPIMa, the French army's DA SOF unit.