French Puma ouch!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheLordFlasheart, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Saw this across at another site.

    French Puma vid 1.8mb
    (Scroll to the bottom, click on 'free' box. It will then tell you, you have 20secs or so to wait til download, wait then click on crash.wmv link)

    No details to when or where or cas. The chap who gets slung out appears to get away unscathed (hopefully :? ).
  2. Oops, I Regt had a Gazelle go down like that many moons ago.
  3. looks like the one thrown out is the lucky one !!! ouch :? :(
  4. Bloody hell!! 8O 8O

    Proper ouch! I so hope the guys escaped major injury.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Fecking hell - looks like he hit the tail rotor on the initial touch down. The guy who fell out appears to exit the picture on the left as the dust clears. How he didn't get hit by the main rotor I'll never know.

    Just goes to show how quickley it can all go horribly wrong.
  6. Jay-fcuking-sus fcuking-Christ!

    I sincerely hope that everyone got out ok.
  7. that is one bad landing....

    anyone got any idea where or how it happened. would be interesting to know if there was any comeback.

    Personal opinion, but looks like perhaps the pilot got it wrong coming in to land rather than any other cause - please tell me if you think I'm wrong. Like I said, personal opinion only
  8. It appears to be some sort of tail rotor malfunction. Judging by the onset of rapid yaw I would have a guess at tail rotor control failure or even drive shaft failure. It looks as though he comes in at a high nose up angle but you cannot see if he strikes the tail, a few frames on (as he pulls up and the aircraft starts to yaw) the tail skid (in the retracted position) still appears to be intact.
    I'm not the Board of Inquiry, only specualtion from what I can see!
  9. 'draw breath through teeth'
    scratch head
    get everyone in wksp to look

    - gonna cost you jacques !!!
  10. 8O Thats terrible....
  11. 8O 8O .. OUCH.

    Wish I hadnt watched that as I am flying back on the civvy version of the puma in a week or so .. :( :(
  12. Make sure you wear an immersion suit.... :lol:
  13. ....or you could end up going for a spin!
  14. Don't be deaft, you see car crashes on a weekly basis and you still get in your own car to drive or sombody elses as a passenger. What's wrong with you?
  15. Yes but I wouldn't if my car was being driven by a Frenchman ..... ever driven in Paris?