French Pull The Plug and It all goes Pete Tong!

Who is to Blame?

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European Rugby has gone down the crapper for next season...

See The Telegraph and The Times for more info.

However BBC Sport are reporting...

What options are there? Should there be more control for the clubs? Is it too late to save the European games for next season?

Can the IRB step and sort this, or is it outside their remit? Everyone seemed to managed 4 years ago when the World Cup was held during a similar time frame.

One of the ways to prevent the fixture congestion that seems to be the Frogs main problem is a similar system that the SANZAR use and the ECB now use for the cricket. Have each of the competitions run run start to finish e.g. have the EDF Cup over the first 5/6 weeks of the season, then have the Heinenken Cup run for the next 8/10 weeks followed by the Six Nations. It there are too many fixtures why not take the idea of from the Six Nations, Super 14, EDF Cup to the next level, every competiton has the same fixtures every year i.e. teams only play each other once with the return fixture the following year. The only bad thing about that is there would be no relegation.

The only real losers in this entire affair as it stands are the fans, who are surely the most important part of this entire argument. No games, nothing to watch. No no one watching, no money!!!!
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