French President Sarkozys brilliant ? new idea...

Sarkozy's deep in the poo in the opinion polls in France at the moment & is desparately trying to find "the" new idea which will help him back to popularity but so far no joy... until this week!
How to revive the economy? NO
How to reduce unemployment? NO
How to give people a decent future? NO
His idea is that all schoolchildren in "CM1" (that's age 11) will be made to "adopt" the memory of one of the 11000 Jewish child victims of the Holocaust... (no other ethnic groups persecuted by the Nazis admitted)
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French linky 1
French linky 2
Wouldn't it be better to learn the names & stories of those of all nationalities who fought & vanquished the Nazis, who showed some guts & determination & who never gave up rather than people who (through no fault of their own) were simply victims... show kids an example rather than give them a name & tell them to mourn?
Many French in WW2 gaily denounced their neighbours to the Gestapo, joined the Milice or came to England to sit on their arrses till the end of the war rather than fight with the Free French Forces & it's the kids nowadays that are supposed to carry the guilt, while war criminals like Maurice Papon got off scot free?
What are all these politicians on?
Is it power that makes them this doo lalley or do they have access to some very strong hallucinogenic drugs?
Would be grateful for your opinions on the subject, thanks.

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