French poach our workers shocker!

From The Grauniad:

French firm poaches staff facing MoD cuts

David Hencke, Westminster correspondent
Thursday July 7, 2005
The Guardian

The French are exploiting cuts in the Ministry of Defence to attract skilled avionics and electrical engineers to leave Britain for a fresh life in the south of France building a new generation of Airbus jets.
Newly qualified engineers are leaving at the rate of six a week from the MoD's facility in St Athan, south Wales, to change jobs from overhauling RAF Tornados to working on Airbus's booming order book in Toulouse.

Many workers are taking voluntary redundancy payments of between £7,000 and £40,000 from the government to move to France, some only a year after being trained as apprentices by the MoD.
The exodus follows an announcement by Adam Ingram, the armed forces minister, of plans to stop the servicing of Tornado jets at the £80m facility at the Defence Aviation and Repair Agency (Dara). The MoD aims to transfer the work to RAF Marham in Norfolk and ask two private companies, BAe Systems and Rolls Royce, to do the remaining overhauls.

Unions predict the facility will close. Gavin Toker, the Amicus shop steward at St Athan, said yesterday: "About five or six people, mainly young people with families, are quitting every week because they see no future here and Airbus are being active because they need the skilled workforce ... Generally they find they get better pay, pay less tax, even though it is a bit more expensive to live in Toulouse than Wales."

Derrick Bevan, 49, is thinking of moving. He said: "We are getting good reports back from the lads in France and my only reason for delaying is that my daughter is at a local school. We thought that Dara had a secure future after the Welsh Development Agency spent nearly £80m on a new hangar but it is now not to be the case."

The MoD justified the decision to end the £1m per plane overhaul of Tornados at Dara on the grounds that a new system will save money and need fewer skilled engineers to do the job.

An Mod spokesman said: "Basically we are changing the major overhaul for the jet to a just-in-time, Toyota-style production line where each aircraft will be overhauled on the base and not have to be sent to south Wales. We also plan to streamline the number of contractors we use, reducing the number to just two - BAe Systems and Rolls Royce. We have really got a surplus of engineers for the new way of doing the job, which is why we are offering voluntary redundancies."

Amicus disputed the MoD's figures, saying it was paying more money for servicing aircraft because the RAF bases could not cope.

But Mr Ingram disagreed, quoting a 45-day saving in moving servicing of the Harrier jump jet from Dara to RAF Cottesmore under an earlier contract. Amicus said Cottesmore could not cope and some of the work was transferred to BAe Systems, and took 260 days compared with 100 days at Dara.

Amicus plans to lobby parliament today to persuade John Reid, the defence secretary, to change his mind.

Derek Simpson, its general secretary, said the closure decision made no economic, strategic or military sense. "We believe the closure of Dara will threaten UK security and cost crucial jobs and a world-class facility which has no equal elsewhere in the UK or Europe, and we hope to be able to persuade the secretary of state of our case."

Last night Airbus confirmed it had launched a big recruitment campaign and jobs would also be available in Britain, nearer to St Athan.

"We [have] embarked on a major recruitment campaign for skilled engineers in a multitude of disciplines - around 350 in total," the company said. "Most vacancies are at Filton [Bristol], the main engineering base, and a smaller number ... at Broughton [north Wales]."
The full story is here.

No comment.

Bloody cheese-eating surrender monkeys.
Why is this the fault of the French ? If the MoD is stupid enough to train someone up then make him redundant we shouldn't be surprised if he then chooses to get a job somewhere else. And it does show that employment mobility in the EU goes both ways.
One_of_the_strange said:
Why is this the fault of the French ? If the MoD is stupid enough to train someone up then make him redundant we shouldn't be surprised if he then chooses to get a job somewhere else. And it does show that employment mobility in the EU goes both ways.
Certainly does, if UK Ltd could offer me something I'd leap at it but as it is the Germans, Japanese and (oh the shame of it) French have offers I can not refuse. Although we are working on a co-operation with a certain (US owned) UK firm, so who knows maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck to the guys who rubbed the noses of the bean-counters at the MOD in the brown stuff.

Edited to add: yes I know Japan isn't in the EU.
Exactly how long should workers be poached for? What sauce would go best, and is steamed worker better because it keeps the natural juices in?

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