French pikeys invade Harlow!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Shoot them.
  2. Filthy thieving French pikey scum in Harlow!!!! How do you tell them from the locals???????
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  3. Wonder if those pikeys vans and stuff are air gun pellet and paint ball proof a cheap weekend of fun could be had there just a shame I'm not close enough.
  4. Platoon strength. SS Uniforms. They'd soon throw their hands up in the air in surrender.
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  5. Send in the local gasman. He'll sort it.
  6. Cos they speak French. Admittedly, you have to hang around and wait for somebody to say something.
  7. Roma, I'd think.

    Let's be fair to the French, they'd never squat in Harlow. The wines are terrible and there're no good bistros within miles.

    Word association game time.

    Porsche Catapult

    BMW Ball bearing

    Mercedes Bent
  8. At the very very least the police should be doing them for Dangerous Driving! To sit there and say they cannot do anything about it because of International Law is a cop out.
  9. and how the fuck did pasport control let them in they're not exactly easy to miss, battered trany van with a brand new caravan in tow, 6 ginger kids in the front.
  10. One tractor + one muckspreader = No pikeys,simples.

    Suggest the local populace,get their own outrage bus,toddle off down there in strength,have a friendly chat,whilst empasising the salient points with a bit of 4x2 (100 x 50mm for our EU members) to the head,and suggest that they go back to where they came from,as little Nick Sarkosy wouldn't want them to mix with non-french speaking,eurosceptic,english lot that live in Essex! :biggrin:
  11. You ever been to Harlow, they are nearly all fucking Pikeys anyway.
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  12. :muhaha: :muhaha: :muhaha: :muhaha:
  13. Harlow is in France