French Oscar Winner and 9/11

I see that the BBC is reporting a story about Cotillard (just won Best Actress for La Vie en Rose) making some comments about 9/11 being an insurance job. Can't find the link at the moment, but will try and post it later. Apparently it was cheaper to fly planes into them than demolish them. Typical French!
please, for your own safety and sanity, should this thread get a response from frenchperson, STEP AWAY
Typical FRENCH!

Of course the Germans are not arming themselves and of course they won't attack, on the second occasion, WE have a line of defence designed by a good Frenchman .. .. HA!

Perhaps she should have repeated her comments at her acceptance speech? .. .. :wink:

Uhmmmm, looks ok, but.............................It would seem that she's about as bright as a knackard 40 watt bulb (or a Frenchmong), Not only does she think 9/11 was a scam, but the moon landings were faked 8O

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Flash to Frenchperson in 5....4...3...
drain_sniffer said:

Daz, take a look here. SLRboy is back!!
Domovoy??, Pinged, but to busy with the DIY to rip him a new one (again)

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