French OMLT in Camp Bastion with 1 R WELSH

About 70 French soldiers (mostly from 21 RIMa) have arrived last month in Camp Bastion as an OMLT to Kandak 31 of 201 ANA Corps.

Kandak 31 normally operates in Kapisa and Surobi in RC-E but they have been sent for a few months to RC-S from Pol-e-Charki.

The French OMLT is currently doing integration training with 1 R WELSH in order to get up to speed on Task Force Helmand SOPs before operating there for several months.

Currently, six French OMLTs operate in country, mostly with 3 brigade, 201 ANA Corps (RC-Est / Kapisa-Surobi) while a seventh OMLT has just been authorized and will soon be sent to Afghanistan.

Joint anti-IED training in Bastion

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