french national anthem- modified

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by crumpets, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. does anyone know the words to the modified version of the french natinal anthem about a lack of loo roll???
    the chorus starts with
    Ou est le papier?
    qui est le voleur?

    just a thought...
    many thanks
  2. Do you mean the version that goes - "m'sieu, m'sieu, je fais manure"? ..........................................................No, I don't.

    A google for Coarse Rugby Songs might just do the trick for you though.
  3. As I recall it .....

    A Frenchman went to the lavatory
    To have a bl00dy good sh1t
    He took his pipe and his newspaper
    So that he cold revel in it
    But when his dunging was over
    We heard his frenzied cry

    Ou est le papier?
    Ou est le papier?
    M'seu, m'seu
    J avais manure
    Ou est le papier?
  4. My memory of the third line from far off day was:

    He took his coat and trousers off

    It seemed to fit better...

    I never knew of any other verses to follow it. Are there any more?
  5. Further variations (ATC Band c1962)

    General Degaulle, he went into the bog - for opening line

    and "I'm drowning in manure" - for penultimate line