French MPs back headscarf ban


French MPs have voted by a massive majority to ban the Islamic headscarf and all other overt religious symbols from state schools.
The bill was passed by 494 votes to 36. It now goes to the upper house, the Senate, for approval.

The wearing of Jewish skullcaps, large Christian crosses and probably Sikh turbans would also be banned.

About 70% of French people back the controversial law - and even 40% of Muslim women, according to some polls.
Surely, in a free society, so long as one doesn't contravene health and safety legislation (ie the great turban v motorcycle helmet debate) the matter of one's attire should be one of personal choice?

Personally I think there is an excellent case for banning swimming caps. On some people the resemblance to a prophylactic is so pronounced that it can only cause offense to the sensitive. :wink:
Could be. The world seems to be polarising between Muslim and the rest; who's going to hold the reins at the end of the process, because I feel sure that one or the other will? Secularists? I'd certainly like to think so. Interesting that the French themselves don't think this any sort of big deal; there was a highly pre-publicised march/demonstration apparently last week in Paris which attracted a few dogs and a goat.
Playing devil's advocate, it could be said that the Frogs are offering freedom of choice - live in France by French rules, or an islamic country with muslim rules.

I'd be surprised if the French jeopardised their huge arms exports to islamic nations.
Human Rights and Freedom of Choice issues aside, this merely confims my view that in some ways we should be more like the Frogs. Not in their filthy eating or personal hygiene habits, of course, but in the "Do Whatever we damn well like and if you don't like it you're 'un putain espece de cochon'."
Think where we'd be right now if previous UK governments had the spine that it took to authorise a covert military strike on a civilian ship in a neutral harbour (Rainbow Warrior - Aukland), or to deal with pesky, meddlesome hacks by simply shooting them and blaming the baddies (Kolwezi) or even putting paid to foreign intervention in a rebel uprising by covertly invading said country and blowing the merde out of an airfield and everything on it, including a visiting Air Afrique cargo plane (Chad-Libya July 1982 - bad day at the office for some...).
Bet the Northern Ireland Peace Process would be a quiet, solemn affair... in a cemetary somewhere, say...
Oh, the French do think this is a very big deal indeed - the frogeating media has been full of nothing else for months, politicians rowing, folk demonstrating and someone even let off a teeny bomb outside the office of the first Muslim Prefect.

Every country has at least one issue that it finds desperately important and that no other country can possibly understand. This is it. I suppose ours is probably foxhunting.
i think i saw the figures of 1:10 people in France is Muslim. And some in France are scared their great culture will be undermined added to that some of the crazies that are already there. But I think they are playing into the hands of the extremists and are storing up a whole world of hurt for themselves in the future.
yeah but remember Jewish skull caps, christian curifixes and turbans etc are also being banned, its not anti religion its just keeping the school system secular if they have a problem with that they can leave or fork out and send their kids to a private school (where scarfs are still allowed!) I think the froggies have it right for once
On the whole I agree with this move too, as it is being applied to the overt symbols of all major religious groups.

The problem is that it has been seized upon by the usual suspects as an attack on Islam and ethnic minorities, etc, etc... You really can't please these fcukers sometimes :roll:

As much as I detest our surrender-prone, fromage munching chums over the water, I have to give them some grudging respect over this one. Can you imagine Bliar and his PC chums trying anything like this over here?

As far as I'm concerned religion has been the cause of more suffering in this world than just about anything else.

The french still smell though... :wink:
The french still smell though...
and so say all of us, and so say all of us........ etc
I'm with Jash and 5_mile, The frogs have a thingy in their constitution about all organs of the state being secular and that is why you can't get married in a church.

Quite right too I say. Let people recieve their education free from the superstitious nonsense, then they can go find themselves later in life. That way no danger of ending up like that place in the States where they don't teach evolution because they think it is the work of the devil!
cheers, your write about the spam thing, religion shouldnt get in the way of education, it gets in the way of enough stuff without that

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