French missile test fails as M51 self-destroys over sea

Paris (dpa) - A French ballistic missile mysteriously self-destroyed during a test-fire Sunday from a nuclear-powered missile submarine off the coast of Brittany, the Defence Ministry said, admitting to "a failure."

The M51 missile was not carrying a nuclear warhead.

"The missile self-destroyed during the first phase of propulsion," the captain of the ship, Lionel Delort, told a press conference in the town of Brest.

"It‘s a failure, the reasons for which will be determined by an investigation," he said.

The test was carried out from Le Vigilant submarine, in the Baie d‘Audierne.

A resident of the area told France 3 television she head a loud noise above the sea.

"I saw white smoke in the sky and huge pieces of debris falling into the sea. At first I thought it was a plane crashing into the ocean," the woman, identified as Francoise, told the station.

Defence sources said "it left the submarine without any problem but then destroyed within the first minute."

French missile test fails as M51 self-destroys over sea | EUROPE ONLINE

Another thing going well in France.....
Whilst I have no problem with the testing of more up to date weapons, however our powers that be should think a lot more carefully about where they conduct such tests – maybe they should consider areas around Toulon and other seaboard military areas. Baie d‘Audierne is part of the Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise, a fragile environment recognized for its diverse flora, fauna, and avifauna, also the breeding ground for the European Spider Crab. The continual “dumping” of munitions and other assorted shite over the years has not been conducive to ecology of the area.


Unfortunately Jean-Yves Le Drian (Ministère de la Défense) goes about things much akin as a bull at a gate and does not see or realize the consequences.

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