French military braces for cutbacks under Sarkozy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Knowing they'll have to scrimp and save like us makes me feel a whole lot better! :twisted:
  2. I doubt he will make any cuts in The Legion tho'.........the French have got to have someone to fight their wars for them :lol:
  3. AS long as it does not affect the new carrier programme (CVF) as Lord Bryson's latest idea is to share a third of the building with the French as they will build one as we build two. If this is to be delayed then we are fcuked.
  4. Don't knock them, we have more foreigners in our armed forces than they do... and thank God for them.
  5. The french are really helping us in Iraq I think not so who cares if they have cut backs.
  6. I cant stand the thought of them having a bigger army or Fleet than us.
  7. A: See my above post re CVF, probably Britain's most important defence procurement at the moment.

    B: We won't be in France for ever...I hope! And we might need the French in future.
  8. Like I said they aint in iraq and the french have never helped us yet not when it really counts.
  9. Why on earth would they want to be in Iraq anyway? If its so fuking good, why aren't you there??!

  10. They got a bigger Army then us anyway, yet they fight bugger all, they just get the Foreign Legion to do it all for them. The rest of them just twiddle their thumbs in French Guyana, or some obscure peasant area in rural France surely?
    So i'm sure they can afford to cut defence spending ever so slightly
    ...however if they do cut the Carrier project we are well and truely stuffed.

    One does wander what Gordon Brown is going to do with Defence spending...
  11. Turn a 'blind eye' to it ?
  12. They're not in Iraq for a good reason. Chirac had the foresight that Blair didn't. Many lives have therefore been saved. Simple as.
  13. No Charic was doing too many arms deals with rouge states (and third world dictators Hussien) so he isnt likely to shat on his own doorstep is he, iraq?? Same when the french flogged the exrocet missiles to the argies in the falklands, as if it wasnt for the iron lady getting the codes to disable them, there would have been more british deaths..... nuff said.
  14. Just think of it as more of them to surrender.
  15. The story about the Exocet codes was made up by Mitterand when walting to his psychiatrist about how he'd saved the world from nuclear war because the mad Mrs T was going to nuke Buenos Aries if the Argentines sank more ships with the missile. It was a bizarre claim, made years after the event, and the trick cyclist (who decided he could talk about it since Mitterand was dead) came out with some euphemism for 'I think he was telling complete porkies' to prevent offending the family.

    The French actually made strenuous efforts to ensure that the Argentines didn't get their paws on any more Exocet (this is recognised by British govt sources, see the Official History of the conflict, for example) and there are rumours that not only did they refuse to sell missles to Peru and others who might have passed them on to the Argentines, but they threw their weight around and threatened sanctions of some sort against any South American nation that got its hands on Exocets from another source and passed them on (the threat, AIUI, involved not supporting any of the military kit several of the Latin American nations had recently bought at great expense from France). They also provided aircraft for dissimilar air combat training for the Sea Harriers.

    John Nott described the French as 'our greatest [European] allies', and all the evidence suggest that he was right. They may have behaved like.... well, stereotypical Frenchmen on other occasions, but not during the Falklands.

    The only possible underhand behaviour is alleged to have come from one French defence contractor, with some sources suggesting that it obeyed government instructions, but 'forgot' about a technical team that was already in-country assisting the Argentines with Exocets. They are supposed to have remembered about them only after the last one had been used and all the performance data they wanted about using the weapon in combat had been gained.