French mercenary Bob Denard dies aged 78

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Oct 15, 2007.

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    What a character!

  2. Already been done jihadi moron, spat at any yids today ?
  3. The mercanary Frederick Forsyth's character was not Denard but an Irish merc who I can't remember his name at the moment. The film Wild Geese was modelled on Mad Mike Hoare. Who actually was paid as a technical director to the film.

    Denard was bit of a walt. He had actually had a Police background not military. But he still walked around in a French Foriegn Legion Beret.
  4. Not entirely true - Denard served in the para-military Colonial Police (part of the Gendarmerie &, therefore, part of the Army), and prior to that he served in the "Infanterie Marine"; later absorbed into RPIMA, French Army's special forces regt..
  5. Say what you like about Col. Denard, I worked with him and he was an adventurer, a patriot and a gentleman.
    Bon voyage mon amis.
  6. He wasn't wearing FFL beret; the green beret he was wearing is actually the same as the FFL but with a different badge written "Orb Patria Nostra" (The earth is our Motherland), a copy of the FFL's motto "Legio Patria Nostra".

    This beret was the headgear of the Comoroes "Garde Présidentielle", a locally recruited unit officered mostly by French mercs with Denard as their CO.

    During Apartheid times, the South Africans helped Denard quite a lot because he allowed them to have a listening post aimed at Africa on the Comoroes soil.
  7. Guys,
    Being French I have not much to do in that Forum but since I do sincerely believe that British are the best troops in the world, and that I'm passing by, I would like to post an additional comment:
    1-The normal GP cap badge for the green beret was the one in my avatar, using the former Green Comoros flags. ( Stars for each islands and the half moon- Crescant for Islam). The same insignia with in red ORBS PATRIA NOSTRA was attribuated to the foreign officers only ( with a number), Col. Denard wanted all of us to be wearing the same attributes without distinctions with Comorians. We were wearing the Red Insignia only for Ceremonies like the 13 Mai (anniversary of the first operation in Comoros), Col Denard Birthday, Christmas and 1st of January.... and maybe now for the 13 October... Later on we have seen guys in Zaire, wearing it and making it as Mercs symbol....
    2- Green Berets were the same and often from the FFL. Col.Denard did wear also the red airborne French beret in Congo with Metro or Colo insignias....
    3- Bob Denard was also wearing the french Para wings but never jumped... ask once why then he wear it, he said that the important was the spirit...
    4- Denard had first navy experience in Indochina war, but nothing heroic... a misunderstanding of navy rank and army ranks make him recruited as mercenay officer then he did build his long and glorious History....

    Hope that is useful! In any case what a Man!!!
    Times have changed.....

    Orbs Patria Nostra!

    Cdt Paul
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    Alsacien LE Moderator

    très intéressant, merci
  9. Bienvenue, mec.