French Marine Infantry in Afganistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pandaplodder, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. well aimed shots by the majority of the section or answer B!!!
  2. Very cool story, much appreciated.
  3. which of course would explain them playing "Highland Cathedral"...... :wink:

    Good vid. Do they have special magazines on the FAMAS now?
  4. No, it's still the same old 25 rounds mag. The FAMAS are getting really old now and there is currently a debate about the opportunity of changing it for a newer design, particularly since there's been a recent spat of incident in Afghanistan.

    French Army and Air Force SOF already use the HK 416 and many would like to go this way;meanwhile, HK 417 have been bought to replace the FR-F2 as DM rifle in Afghanistan and 7,62 Minimi to replace the ancient ANF-1 MMG.
  5. I'm surprised - doesn't that have pieces of, choc horreur, American designed stuff in it? ;) Although after Heckler & Koch have redesigned the innards I suppose you could get away with calling it European enough. Serious question but with a different gas system how much is left that's common to the M4? I thought the whole point of the HK416 was that it was so similar to the M4 family for ease of use and that you only had to replace the upper, if buying a whole new system I'd of assumed France might have gone for something completely new like the FN SCAR but then don't know what their needs/specifications were at time of choice. Although this isn't the QM's so I'll stop derailing pandaplodder's thread now. :)
  6. think it might be a clip holding 2 STANAG mags together. 5min 39secs for the spotters!

  7. The French SOF have been using M-16s for a loooong time but during the 2003 tensions between FRA and the USA spare parts were an issue. So the decision to go for a weapon with similar handling to the M-16 family but produced in the EU was made then.

    The SCAR is also being considered for general use if the FAMAS was to be replaced.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Things got that bad?! Seriously?
  9. Yes, many spare parts suddenly were no longer shipped to non US addresses or were plainly reserved for the US military.

    The French SOF found a way around it when part of OEF between 2003 and 2006; they had most of the M-16A1/A2 upgraded to M-4A1 standard by US Army armourers by trading the spares against alcohol....
  10. Are members of the RIMa referred to as RIMers?
  11. theres some shite drills in that video

    a mexican unload at 16:44 ffs

  13. ****************

    Don't believe this guys nonsense. The USA did NOT suspend shipment of spares to France because of the Iraq issue. It was due to the fact the US needed spares for their own weapons. It had bugger all do to with "tensions." The poster has some "issues" and you need to be aware of this.
  14. Looks like I have a spokesperson now, how interesting....but some US suppliers did stop sending spares to non APO and specifically to french addresses as part of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice's exhortation to "Punish France, ignore Germany, forgive Russia".

    The result is now apart from the M2 HMG, no US small arms are currently in general service in France even though France has no indigenous small arms production capabilities anymore.