French make serious move into Gulf

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. A thread opened last year by our friend chrisg46 has been moved into ARRSEHOLE, apparently after my post. It (the removal) was made no doubt quite rightfully. As a gust I always try to obey the rules and think that namely masters have full right to decide. So it is not a complain in any way.

    However, my post in fact contained a reference and quote form BBC's article written by excellent British veteran-journalist Paul Reynolds
    (World affairs correspondent, BBC News website). He is intelligent and extremely well informed.

    So I believe it would be fair to pay tribute to mr.Reynolds and to discuss his another article.

  2. see the deal includes aiding Dubai with its nuclear energy program.
    Let's not forget who gave the Israelis their buckets of sunshine.

    Marc Lynch on French presence in the Gulf
    I'd not be entirely comfortable with the Frogs setting up shop again on the side of the 5th fleets lake if I was Uncle Sam. Wait a few years and the Russkis, Chinks and Indians will be setting up lily pad bases of their own.
  3. The French have a navy?
  4. Yes. Its reversing towards the Gulf in fear of an Atlantic Island which said it was going to send 7 armed blokes to Invade Paris!
  5. 7? Wonder if this Atlantic Island could just send 1 armed bloke with a set of legs.

    In all seriousness what good will France get out of establishing a naval base in the gulf?
  6. Somewhere else to hide?
  7. I've heard rumours that they even have a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.
  8. Well if it stops the Germans getting it...
  9. Yes a rather effective well funded one.

    They also have the largest standing army in Western Europe with a quarter of million regulars, 3rd highest expenditure of any military in the world, as well as the 3rd largest nuclear force in the world (if you don't count Israel).

    Now if you were thinking the Septics were going to disappear down the toilet shortly like the Ottoman empire and the IRGC might land, steal all your toys and torch your pudgy little Gulf Arab arse wouldn't that be a comforting alternative ally?
  10. Where does China come?

    I doubt the French would have the stomach for that sort of fight, do you? However, if you could invite some North Africans to cause a spot of bother, they could become interested. :D
  11. Also don't these rulers have to appease their own populations? Which is the more populer ally? The great satan that is the septics or the french? Plus the the french are not shoulder deep in a counter insugency in two countries that is slowly bleeding them dry.

    On a serious note how good would the modern french military be in a fight? No "cheese eating surrender monkeys" or "FAMAS rifle brand new only dropped once" comments. :wink:
  12. Surely it would provide somewhere for them to retreat to whilst we intervene and help save their country - AGAIN.

  13. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Meh? What thread is this?? :? :?
  14. France's capabilities are curretly erroding due to chronic underfunding; even if the Navy fares better than the army which is really left with nothing but crumbs at the moment, I doubt it could do much in that area that is not already done.

    What is going to be really interesting for France with that new base is that it will be like a permanent show-room of all the newest French kit. At least, the French units based there are guaranteed to be issued with the newest available equipment, if only to show it to their good UAE friends...