French Maid pursued through London ...Boris & Ken strongly deny....


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' In a shock statement this morning both mayoral candidates vehemently denied they had any plans to deal with the anticipated rash of French Maids set for a pulse- racing display of 'Chase Me Big Boy ! ' in London on Sunday 22 April
Gratuitous pic of saucy French Maid :

This morning, the Bishop of Southwark the Very Reverend Tim Naice-Tchebz, Archbishop of Canterbury desig , said:

' The Church of England knows precisely where it stands in this matter ...gosh these fishnets are murder on the circulation'
For more detailed info - and more gratuitous pix Text FORK91 and amount (example FORK91 £5 ) to 70070.

[ Editor: I understand Picture Desk has numerous images similar to the above - presumably the more people text, the more we will upload? ]

Kindly remove the saucy photo of my mum.



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Apologies to your rather lush Mama...Use your Knockier Mark II to text a small sum to the number given and I will replace it with a picture of Red Ken/Bojo in similar garb.....(of which, Picture Desk assures me , we have a superabundance...)


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As two more lucky readers have made donations the Picture Editor has asked if we should share ANOTHER gratuitous picture of a saucy French Maid:

I expect the Massive Arrse* will take a view...meanwhile more at this LINK

Don Cabra

* [Shurely shome mishtake? Is this really 'Yoof speak' and will we be thus unquestionably 'Home with our downies' ? Ed ]

Seems to be a wee problem with this young lady......
'She' looks very similar to a laundry op who I had my raped by in grantham

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Gee famx Vaaanbloke....

As my supplies of eyebleach are running low:

Good luck TATP


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Whoever it is , she's no looker !

Sincerely hope Terror At The Picnic's outfit for this weekend's London Marathon effort does not include those shoes........Louboutins over Jimmy Choo anyday for any decent French Maid :)

The Justgiving page is HERE - caution contains some images which viewers may find disturbing....

You can also stick some wedge in support of TATP's big effort by TEXT FORK91 £5 to 70070 - good luck to all those taking part !

TATP is up against some tough previous entries in the Guinness World record : Fastest French Maid over 26.2 Miles(Male) category.....this guy - also ex Mil - was taking part in an Ironman competition a couple of years ago...his time for the marathon section dressed in this rig was 4:12:25 :)

Note the footwear...
Sorry, the guy at the bottom is a French Maid Walt - thats not a proper French Maid costume, more like a baggy vest with a picture on!


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Hmmm...I defer to your close observation skills ....will you inform Waltenkommando or shall I ? Plainly a flagrant violater !

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