French love them or hate them?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by happyhammer, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. After the French Presidents latest outburst slagging off this great nations nosebage and with the Olympic venu for 2012 result forthcoming not forgetting the recent 60th Birthday war celebrations which they seem to have forgotten and Frances lack of support for the gulf war please feel free to post your comments here.. WE ALL HATE THE FRENCH dont we?
  2. French are a bit like RAF pilots and cowsh1t. Fine when spread about the place, but put them in a heap and they tend to pong a bit.
  3. :lol: mushroom, I love it! :lol: I think it'll get used (credit to you, of course) the next time I dine with my friend & her Froggy artist husband...
  4. I've always found that if one speaks French in France then they're the nicest of fromages. Even more so for the Sausagephones.

  5. Individually they seem OK, but watch them go once they enter politics.

    They seem to adopt any local scheme that can get them EU (our) money, and are so delighted when the new hall/road/factory is named after them.

    Once they get to national politics it's all a case of popularity through hating England (Scotland/Ireland/Wales get caught up as UK).

    Chriac is politically wounded and is more than overplaying a very poor hand. His tirade against at the weekend was to Schroeder (who has just lost a vote of confidence and all sorts of local/regional elections) and Putin (votes/oil anyone?).

    Were it not for the fact that he is currently France's public face the Frog Press would be laying into him. If Paris doesn't get the Olympics and G8 doesn't go his way he will get torn to shreds at the weekend.

    Ah yes, the G8 - 'no corruption in Africa' is the cry. Hope Berlusconi has something to say on the matter.
  6. As has been pointed out, in moderation and without their 'opinions' they aren't too bad. It's a shame that a third option of 'Pity' the French wasn't available. I mean you can hate them if you want, and I do sometimes, but a lot of the time you just have to understand that they drew the short straw and were born into their squalid plight. I blame the parents who try to bring them up proud of what there is patently nothing to be proud of.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why didn't you make this a Poll?

    The answers would be pretty informative :)
  8. Or with just the two choices.... bloody obvious! :wink:
  9. As has been mentioned by some, the french are okay in small groups or individuals. Had a great time over there recently with a Brit who lives there and a mate. Climbed an Alp etc.

    Went to the gun club and as happens, the Kronenburg began to flow. They didn't like the jokes about French rifles (unused, dropped only once etc.) or about the tree's on their roads to keep the Germans in the shade. However, they were anti-European (just before they voted) and the euro (massive 'hidden' price hikes). But, they couldn't understand why we were so pro-American (seemingly to them) and anti-European. I just said it's more to do with a (un)common language and culture and that bit of water called the channel.

    Individuals and the countryside, great. As a nation, merde!
  10. Well done London.....Up your bum France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Olympics go to London...Chirac's career goes into the Moulinex...entropy is preserved! Now then, must find a nice Michelin-starred resto in London to celebrate the Olympics decision and the decline of le bete Chirac.
  12. What?!!!

    Speak their language in their country? Whatever next?

    I find speaking slower and louder works fine for me
  13. When it comes to their politics, I just can't stand them but personally, I don't speak a word of French (and don't intend to) but I've had the nicest experience in France. The people were helpful and nice to me, sometimes to a ridiculous level (free hotel stay..nice 'goodbye' gifts)

    Probably had a miracle Parisian trip, if you will. Friend attributes it to my being alone and single in Paris, but I don't know. Enjoyed my stay. One thing that annoyed me in particular is their insistent kissing. Once they get their lips on you, they never take them off. :x Friends had the same complaint. Go figure. Heh
  14. There was a chap on radio 5 yesterday (French journo working in London) and he was of the opinion even the French hate the French, now that being the case and working on the premice that I love anybody that hates the French that leaves me in a bit of a dillema, do I now love the French......

  15. You really want to sit down and think out another angle on this before you get yourself in a real mess. 8O