French Lightweights

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Not a post about crappy trousers.

    The French, expected to be the lead force in the UN paecekeeping force to be deployed alongside the Lebanese Army, have been their backsliding selves (as usual) Despite all the big talk and their posturing to make them look like players on the world scene, they have pledged a measly 200 troops to the force. A sqns worth of Engineers is a laughable amount, especially as Bangladesh have pledged 2000, Malaysia and Indonesia 1000 each too.

    What a bunch of lamentable wasters. They talk the talk, but they most certainly do not walk the walk.
    This was reported on 5live this morning with the deputy UN boss expressing his "disappointment"

    Sorry no link, due to extremely low bandwidth connection.
  2. I understand Maylasia and Indonesian do not aknowledge the Isreali state.
  3. Is anyone truly surprised at another French military let-down?
  4. I really don't think that anyone is in the least surprised at the pathetic show that the french put up. Seems to be the dribbly low standard that they always manage 8)

    Best let some real troops do the job :lol: :lol:

  5. Whatever happened to the Foreign Legion?
  6. France's foreign policy does defy the imagination sometimes.
  7. Probably just as well, they're a liability the rest of the UN could do without in Lebanon.

    More here
    - and I certainly wouldn't have put those two words together in the same sentence!!! :roll:
  9. As long as they're prepared to get busy disarming Hisbollah or get busy stopping Merkavas in Divisional strength rolling over the top of their positions...Fine.
    If they're not willing, or able to do one or the other they should just save us all some time and cash and stay at home.
  10. Funny how the report doesn't mention the 1700 French already there under Op.Baliste, who are tasked , according to Michele Alliot-Marie with assisting future UN ops,in addition to their current role and possibly available for UN taskings though they remain directly under the control of the MDLDF. Chirac says 200 going now to be reinforced by another 200 shortly. As far as the French are concerned they will have 2100 in theatre.

    France is also reluctant to confirm more troops until ROE's and tasking are finally defined.

    Yes it's fun to bash les crapauds, but lets read around a bit more before we do hey?
  11. I've heard two reports.

    One states that the French... Possibly the UN force as a whole will not be disarming the Hisbollah.

    The other that the French... Possibly the UN force as a whole will not put themselves in a position where they could be drawn into conflict with Israel.

    I'm forced to question why then they are bothering to deploy at all.
  12. PTP is right on this one. Here is how French news is reporting it.

    Bit different from our media reporting.
  13. Just be grateful Tony isnt planning to send us!
  14. Ce n'est pas les crapauds, c'est les grenouilles! Nom de dieu