French Lesbians Protest - God bless them all

If I’d known that French Lesbians were out in force, protesting in Paris, I may have rearranged my leave.

EN IMAGES. Mariage homo : des Femen agressées à Paris - Le Nouvel Observateur

First blurb roughly translates as: Members of the feminist organization Femen were attacked by protesters at the rally organized by the Institute Civitas against gay marriage on 18 November in Paris. The activist women were immediately taken to task by Catholic fundamentalists and members of the service order (or those fancying a grope or just a look).
A couple of screen shots for your edification.




Why can't our lesbians look like that? I'm sick to death looking at dungaree clad 'wimmin' who think that Movember is compulsary.

Holy sperm? Where's Batman when you want him?

I'm not up to speed on French gay politics, but can anyone explain the interesting mix of nuns, many English slogans in quasi-Gothic script and holy sperm in Paris. Are they trying to be all things to all men (err, women)?

Looks a bit chilly.
When I was courting MrsS #1 we'd gone for a drink at a local student pub. She'd been into the ladies & came out grinning like a Cheshire cat so I asked what was so funny. She'd been reading the graffiti as you do and come across the scribbling; "My mummy made me a lesbian" to which someone had added; "If I get the wool will she make me one?"

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