French in Afghanistan: Le Chasseurs Alpins

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Deadreckon, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Just watched a Newsnight clip on the growing role of France in Afghanistan. Heartening to know the French are beginning (albeit tentatively) to step up to the plate. Bienvenue mes amies! link

    *edited to make topic title clearer
  2. Have you been asleep for the last three years (and beyond)?
  3. I know they've been there the last three years the clip even mentions that! Its more about them taking on more engaging roles with the enemy and taking fight to enemy. Perhaps my 'Bienvenue' was too sarcastic and my use of the word 'growing' clouded things! :roll:
  4. Once upon a time it would be the Legion doing the sharpe end, now it's ya average trooper.
  5. They have been taking the fight to the enemy for some time. They took a proper bloody slap doing it last year too
  6. Happy to admit ignorance on that part as that was not my impression to date.
  7. There is a thread on Arrse somewhere, I'm sure Fantassin will know where it is.
  8. Was a good report, the upcoming report about the ruskies looks interesting aswell.

    What did that officer have on his head though, was it a beret?
  9. Sadly the incident last year was more to do with being caught off guard in a relatively peaceful part of the country when compared with the south. I mean that with respect to those that were actually involved as the failures lay in the higher chain of command.

    The numbers involved that day and the kit scales had some people comparing it to the sad fate of the RMP's in 2003.

    Since then their commanders seem to have let them do what the bods on the ground wanted to be doing from the day they landed.

    They're good Soldiers to work with.

    Did anybody notice that as soon as shots were fired on the video clip they started making off though :D
  10. Well if anyone knows about the beret it must be the french! Though it did remind me of the IDFs headgear.
  11. Somehow, with berets like that, it's hard(er) to take them seriously...
  12. Apparently because they're mountain troops the berets are the size they are so that they can put their feet in them at night to stay warm.

    Duty Rumour!
  13. I put my hands up and declare myself I'm a civvy so don't shoot! ...

    ... But I feel duty bound to inform you that if you thought Col Le Nen's beret was interesting then check out their no. 1 version:

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  14. We lost some guys last year, luckily they were paratroopers so our 'Corps' IQ level did not drop too much.

    The French have long experience of the Middle East, do not berate them for their non involvement in Iraq. I did Beirut in the eighties, lessons were learnt and brothers lost. First Gulf War we were there, second, hmmm, Bush and Blair !!! no contest.

    On a more serious note the guys who died were killed assisting a unit that were pinned down. They were probing a pass in Surobi province and came under attack from approx 100 Taleb' (allegedly!) attacked the boys in front (Regular army).

    In the Legion we are specialised Infantry and tend to end up on the sharp end, in this instance some regular paras took the 'Van' and when they were ambushed Legion medics pushed forward to assist their 'frere d'armes'.

    "A la Legion, en n' pleut pas, en souviens".
  15. Do not knock it, I was Alpine and they are good troops.

    It is the equaivalent of the :

    Glengarry, Bearskin, various cavalry head gear, slashed peaks, tankies berets down on both sides etc.

    We had Green berets like Intel and a nice fetching Kepi Blanc, with a de riguer forragere and red epaulettes (green on partie majeur [top bit]).

    Tradition is tradition, you do not want to be chasing these guys when they para sail off a mountain top.