French Immigration Gets Tougher

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. A nation to remain a nation must control immigration.

  2. Who on earth wants emmigrate to France?
  3. Brits, for a start....

    France faces a 'rosbif' invasion

    Last Updated: 1:02am GMT 20/01/2005

    Wave after wave of "rosbifs" crossing the Channel in search of the good life of cheaper wine, more affordable houses and a better climate have boosted the number of Britons living in France by almost 50 per cent in only five years.
    Early results from last year's census reveal the true extent of the new British invasion: a resident population of 100,000, not counting holiday home-owners.
    Even the number of North Africans, the most visible of migrants flocking to France in recent decades, is rising at a far slower rate.

    And that was two years ago; last census they were closer to 200,000.
  4. Aren't there more French in Britain now than vice versa?
  5. I was wondering what the smell was?
  6. Slowly the European nations will wilt under the weight of numbers and the treacherous actions of their politicians.

    Already, the EU is going to issue a 'blue passport' to 20 million immigrants from Asia and Africa. And I don't need 3 guesses to know where their first destination will be.
  7. My bold

    :lol: Made me smile anyway

  8. Yeah thats right, they will all be over here nicking our jobs / women / dole / health service. :roll:

    Not even in your most deluded moments can you believe that there will be 20 million immigrants in Britain this time next year......can you :?
  9. The Brits go over for the better quality of life. Whatever we think of the cheese eating surrender monkeys they value their culture in exactly the way we don't. My brother has been out there nearly twenty years and won't even come back for le weekend. The quality of life in most areas is excellent compared to the South East of England. Good on them for keeping some elements of control immigration.
  10. But sadly, this will just force the inbound in our direction and with holes so wide in our borders and immigration control, there will be no way of stopping them.

    Cynical, me?

  11. On the Blue Passport note - it's designed specifically for professionally qualified and experienced people who are required to fill posts in the EU which are unfillable within the EU (Engineers, Doctors etc...).

    Hardly candidates for nicking dole, are they? :roll:
  12. So, we won't train our own people we'll just import professions?

    20 million? I doubt it but the majority of them will see the UK as their destination of choice. And didn't the government say there was only going to be 50,000 Eastern Europeans coming over here?

    Sadly, they are pulling the wool over your eyes.
  13. It's not a case of not training our own professionals, it's a case of not having a population with the drive to do these professions, amongst many other problems, not least of which is our whole education system.

    I would rather see the professionals drawn from within the UK, but given the choice between enough professionals (from all sorts of places) and a lack of professionals (but all from the UK!) I will take the former every time.

    Besides, the UK can opt out of this "Blue Passport" scheme if it wants to. We'll have to see what happens. No-one is pulling the wool over my eyes.
  14. We all know our governments view on immigration and the EU. They surrender every time.
  15. They are desirable imigrants no doubt about it. Once they are resident though what are their rights to bring over imediate fammily members? Once those are here what are their rights to bring over their immediate family members? What are the rights of everyone living here legally to benefit payments etc?

    That was probably unfair regarding the majority but I bet some people abuse the system.

    Why can't we train our own people? Probably due to a combination of factors. A benefits system where it is possible to be financially worse off by working than staying unemployed. An education system that is failing many pupils. A government that refuses to recognise, admit and then tackle problems but just uses "spin" to hide them.