French hunters urged to declare war on the boar

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by fantassin, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Over a million piggy-wiggies waiting for you on the other side of the Channel....break out the 9,3X74 !

    French farmers and forestry experts are at a loss to explain a dramatic rise in the numbers of wild boar, apparently linked to increased fertility among the female animals.

    Last winter, hunters across the country killed a record 560,000 boar - 10 times more than they were shooting 30 years ago.

    But the population is easily replacing itself, and now stands at well over a million.

    The problem is not just that the animals cause severe damage to crops and meadowland.

    They are also beginning to encroach on areas inhabited by humans. Omnivorous, adaptable and highly mobile, wild boar have been increasingly spotted in town streets and gardens in recent years.

    In 2009, they were responsible for nearly 21,000 road accidents across the country. Neighbouring countries including Germany and Italy reported similar problems. Now it is up to the hunters to keep the wild boar population under control

    To curb their numbers, the government recently enacted a National Wild Boar Control Plan. This authorises the hunting of boar all year round, in suburban zones as well as the countryside, and at night as well as in the daytime.

    Previously hunting for boar was seasonal, as for other game.

    More at:

    BBC News - French hunters urged to declare war on the boar
  2. French Hunters would have more success if they just regard it as a hunt.

    Calling it a 'war' unlocks certain characteristics within a Frenchman's brain.

    The President is dead, long live the Boar!!!

  3. I anticipate a sudden rise in gunshot deaths in France! I stopped going on autumn holidays to France as it is the hunting season and all they do is put a warning notice at either end of the main path through a forest. If you are going walkies (or in my case jogging) through that forest, invariably you do not enter the forest on the main path. If you hear a bell ringing, run like fcuk! The bell is round the neck of the hunters dog and the hunter is usually just behind it. It takes a big bullet to kill a boar, and there are already a large number of deaths in France attributable to careless shooting by hunters - particularly after lunch!
  4. Wouldn't worry, the boar will be in Paris by the new year and the French will have surrendered sovereignty to their leaders, Pinky and Perky.
  5. FFS, re-stilly, you owe me a new keyboard! Besides, Pinky and Perky would look no different to most recent French leaders, and might even be an improvement!
  6. So we can expect the French hunters to collapse allmost without a fight whilst blaming the Brits and the tiny BEF of British volunteers will have to be rescued from Dunkirk.

    There's no mistery about the pig numbers. We've had one good mast year after the other, shit loads of acorns, beechmast and mice in the woods, plus the predominance of high energy crops, rape, maize, millet, energy maize (for bio-gas, often still standing in November) and sunflowers. All of which provide heavy cover and good eating.

    The urban pig is a problem here too, especialy in Berlin. Hunters were approached to sort then out but pointed out that the use of heavy pig calibres was forbidden in built up areas. One Berlin senator suggested they use .22lr, he didn't get a very warm response.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Calibre restrictions didnt applly to the Red Army then?
  8. I would have said Napoleon and Snowball but that might have gone over too many peoples heads :)
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    There has been no close season for the last 2 years on boar in my area - problem seems to be getting worse though.
    What I need is a permit to shoot at night - I could get 4-6 without leaving my property judging by the prints in the snow (a suppressor on my 10mm Sig would work fine too, feckers are damaging my fence pushing against it). They will not allow lamping in the valley for safety reasons, I suggested baiting areas with a safe backstop, but that is a no-no aswell - folks kack themselves with gunfire it seems, understandable so near the German border I guess.....
    Doing 2 driven boar days in Jan 2 weeks apart, bag is expected to be 16-20 each time.
  10. That is a lot of meat, do you divide it up or does it go to the local Butcher/Charcuterie
  11. Maybe the French could come up with sme sort of money payment for boars killed? Obviously coming from the EU funds, and rewarding those hunters who aren't quite as efficient as others with more money (for more rounds obviously... if they cost £100 each).

    Or call in 2ndREP?
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Depending who turns up there could be anything from 4-12 "guns" plus 2-4 guys with dogs, so we are only looking at 1 or 2 animals each. I will butcher mine, have the filets and share the rest with friends, not a boar meat fan. Most folks do the same.
    Butchers are getting rare now, but legally I could do a deal with one as they are qualified to inspect meat and kill livestock in situ.

    The article is correct about Hurricane Lothar - devasted Lorraine/Alsace and the Black Forest in '99. All the forest could not be cleared before everything rotted away, now would cost a fortune and for nothing. The hunters lose too many dogs so they will not hunt these areas. Bottom line is, all the young piggies get pushed down into the valleys....
  13. How do the hunters lose dogs?

    Entanglement with the undergrowth or contact with the boars?

    Genuine question.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Pigs corner them and kill 'em.
    The dogs need to move freely, and these areas effectively have above ground burrows with dense undergrowth and rotten logs everywhere.
  15. Should use a good British breed... :D