French History ??????

I've got a mate who's an engineer and doing quite well as an engineer but found his true calling..


French. Military. History. 8O Going to relocate (he's Scottish) to France to do that soon!!!!

My intial reaction was somewhere between "WTF" and " 8O :? 8O " and it still is. What do they teach?
French History ????

Turned up, Got Beaten
Turned up, started getting beaten ,ran away
Turned up late ,got Beaten
Didnt even turn up

Not a hard lesson to teach really
Google cannot find any thing your searching for?????
Is that the message?
Just googled NICE ONE MATE
Well looking at it overall that there is plenty of history to study. I'm sure your friend will have lots of fun trying to convince Frenchmen that they have practicaly lost every fight they have ever had.

The Hundred years war is very intresting and is really just a huge English Royals vs various French Royal families squabble. I think your friend will be sent back to Scotland after a few months he might start publishing unpaletable facts to the French ;-)

The near mutanies in the French army in WW1 are far more intresting than Tommy doing his job in the trenchies.

Actualy to be fair the author of '30 days to Dunquirk' gives the French soldiers their due and says they were very good at fighting un co-ordinated rearguard actions. He just started bossing them about abit and believed that without them his own unit would have had a far harder time. IIRC he had trouble located any senior French officer though!
The only victorious CO is Napoleon,I think, but he was only fighting East Europeans most of the time, when he actually started fighting Brits in Spain it was a draw Trafalgar a loss and waterloo a loss because of the prussians. An Arty officer? :wink: Anyway he would have lot sooner if the SAS had been sent it - coming soon genuine SAS 'Waterloo' capbadge :lol:

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