French General Speaks Out on Calais Afghan Refugees

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. This is an "open letter" General Salvan (ret) sent to the daily "Le Monde". I quite agree with him. What are your thoughts ?

    "I hated watching the news on September 27. In Calais and in various cities of France, Young Afghans, all in great physical shape, coming to seek fortune in Europe, were being controlled by the police and then released by the French justice.

    Every day, young American, British, French soldiers are killed in Afghanistan to defend human rights and the rights of women. Meanwhile, the French population, which generosity exceeds common sense, cares
    for these young Afghans who have refused to participate in the fight that
    we lead.

    This has a name: they are deserters or draft evaders.

    If our government seriously believes in the Western engagement in
    Afghanistan, why not have these young people put onboard planes going
    to Kabul, and have them assigned to Afghan army and police training centers ?

    In the name of human rights, Young Afghans stay quietly in Europe while our soldiers are killed in their names.

    Instead, it would be better to repatriate our troops, and quickly. "

    General Salvan (Retired).

    General Salvan fought in Algeria and in Lebanon in 1978 where he was the CO of the 3 RPIMa when this unit was engaged in several heavy firefights against the PLO at the beginning of the UNIFIL mission. He was twice WIA, losing an eye in combat in Algeria.
  2. Why are they classed as refugees rather than ilegal imigrants? Are you not legally required to declare yourself as an asylum seeker in the first safe country you get to? Did they all escape from Afghanistan on planes?
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    I'm not sure that a load of forced conscripts, unwilling to fight and sent back there against their will would be all that useful to be honest.

    You would think that those with the motivation to do so would have joined the Afghan Army already rather than leaving.
  4. You are right but if we provide them with both a way out through the EU and surrogate soldiers (ie NATO) what reason do they have to stay ?

    Unless a tougher stance is taken, expect a few more millions able-bodied afghans to flood the streets of the EU generally and the UK specifically....while our respective armies do the dying for them.
  5. They are illegals, and economic parasites. The General is quite right, they should be returned immediately, however, putting them into the ANA or ANP would be a mistake, but there is an opportunity for them to rebuild their own country by using them in building/road repairs etc.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Did anyone see Question Time last Thursday

    There was an Afghan Male on their stated he was from Helmland

    Seemed very keen for us to send more troops and helped by pointing out the mistakes he felt we were making out their

    I was fukcing fuming cheeky **** banging on about it from his safe have in Hull
    If he's that keen get him back out I would imagine an Afghan with a good enough grasp of English to appear on the BBc would be most helpful out there

    Mind he probably won't get a council house (even if it is in Hull) and bennifits - Ah now I get it
  7. The French General is only saying what many have said in this country. The military know what should be done the ********* in power will not do F**k All, Why? The Human Rights Act. :twisted:
  8. I had an Afghani on my Ambulance in the Uk. He'd got some Abdo pain and we chatted on the way to the Ed.

    He said that he's been a soldier for the Russians and he was sick of all the fighting. he showed me some wounds from being injured and explained that he was a college lecturer in the Uk now.

    He said that Afghan was rich in Uranium and that's where Pakistan got its Uranium for its Bomb. He explained that he didn"t trust the west's account of what was happening there.

    Go figure. . . .
  9. This is also raises the question of whom is left in Afghanistan.

    If healthy and (possibly) intelligent (litorate/numerate) Afghan males are leaving their country, who stays behind to work and drag it from the stone age?
  10. The brain drain happened a bit before we rocked up in 2001.

    Taliban, civil war, Russians, Coup, take your pick.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Yes but funny how they are all desperate to end up here

    Why not claim asylum in France or Italy?
  12. 2 million+ in Iran, 4 million+ in Pakistan.

    I've been told that the biggest Pashtu community outside of Afghanistan is in the US.

    Count your blessings?
  13. True, Tears, but stripping out hte remainder can't be good either.

    tbs, I smell a wha :D
  14. Could just be that the Mullah,s are quietly inserting an army into France and then into UK for when Islamificaton takes over.
  15. Is that anything like Californication?