French Foreign Legion

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by martin7606, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. I've read some of the previous topics.

    Anyone got any info on joining the FFL, I've checked out the website, but wondered if anyone had any practical advice or tips.

    I'mheading down in January, so any preparation advice would be greatly received.

  2. parlez vous francais?
  3. Stand your ground with the Corporal. Don't sing any of their stupid French songs, and if he objects to your demand for a single room, tell the Adjutant immediatement.

    Don't forget to pack your duvet.
  4. What's your reason for joining La Legion ?
  5. 10 quid says its got something to do with that bird that was found hog tied near a train station ?
  6. He is in love with a camel
  7. Beer at breakfast ?
  8. He saw the Claude Van Damme film
  9. I preferred the Telly Savalas one but I believe Abbot and Costello were more realistic.
  10. - or the one with Bacon Grylls

    edit for mong spelling - ffs, how can I mis-spell Grylls
  11. He obviously hasnt seen the Gene Hackmn one. That one was Shyte!
  12. I joined the Legion a few years ago - the British legion, not far to travel :)
  13. Do they have beer for breakfast there as well ?
  14. Try this first:

  15. Thought it was wine?