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Hello everyone - I apologise for murmuring the sinful name of Fr**ce but I have a question, ideally for anybody who has had any recent experience with them
I discharged myself to avoid getting the boot on account of injury about a year ago, since then I have been ******* deathly bored with civvy street - I have come to the conclusion it's a grim place full of cnuts, I can't get back into our beloved British forces so thinking about enlisting in the FFL .
Obviously i know its no walk in the park, but what is it actually like once there ? In terms of the troops, has anybody worked with them ?
I know the obvious downsides like speaking french,and being in france but i'm thinking it's not the country you fight for, it's the lads beside you.

Any input would be greatly appreciated on this one



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i WAS only in for three weeks but I didint get bored. I wanted to go on Tanks or bedding stores insted I got the boot due to a wonkey eye.
No recent experience, but - when I was with 11 Sigs at Catterick in the mid '80s, the jail was used to accommodate an absentee (deserter? I think not, 'cos IIRC he did 28 days Regtl nick, rather than going to MCTC). He'd been picked up by a switched-on immigration bloke at Dover - on his way back into Blighty for a mate's wedding or similar, and opted to put his hands up when he was spotted.

Fearsome bloke: he got bored after doing basic with R Sigs, went AWOL, and joined the Legion, where he'd spent the previous 5 years, and picked up the weirdest accent (as I recall it was a mongrel Franco-Mancunian mix)

If you asked him what the plan B was when he got out, he was clear: he was going back to the Legion, to do another 28 days there (for AWOL), and soldier on.

He loved it, clearly: but it is not a life for everybody. Not even for every man who loves to soldier.
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Aye i like that site its an interesting read in regards to the stories and fitness and it is just like arrse but with a crossaint scoffing twist.
I like that it shows you which country each member is from, quite a few English speaking chaps from various parts of the Empire.

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