French forces in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Barely_Black, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Following recent deaths of ten French soldiers , the link in the Current Affairs thread HERE to France 24's site kicked up this report from Claire Billet filed in July, when the 8 RPMIA were taking over from 101st Airborne in Kapisa.

    (Given the Obama-mania underway in US MSM just at the moment, it seems possible some US-based readers may not be aware)

    Worth a look.

    A 12 hour firefight- 10 dead, 21 wounded,no casevac or QRF support for 4 hours......... Metropolitan Police in London have more helicopters available to them.

  2. Also, the Met has over 30,000 coppers to cover Greater London, but there is less than 8,000 British troops in Helmand, which is the size of England. The gov't should start taking this all abit more seriously.
  3. From the same website - report from a guy embedded with the 8ieme RPIMa. Covers an armoured patrol with USAF air support (F15) in the same area a week prior to the recent contact - LINK HERE

    ( si on preferieront en Francais - ICI )

    (Crap game...fair point, and I agree...but this thread aims to cover the French picture rather than UK domestic battles......)

  4. point taken. i was enlarging on your point about the lack of helos. i meant to say Nato as well as just UK.

    P.S. good link. pity our media doesn't make more of the other nations forces in Afghanistan.

  5. That link you just posted, having watched the first half, fair play to the job they're cracking on with but their professionalism is w*nk to say the least.

    One soldier was talking abou tbeing on patrol, and he replied to the Newsman " yes out here you have to look after yourself, you have to save your own skin first".

    Spare a thought to what the reply would be if that was asked of one of our lads out there?

    Also, there 'withdrawl'. Tactical withdrawl my arrse. Enemy 200m away and they're standing around in groups, firing f*cking 8 round bursts off of a FAMAS.

    Sorry n all but they're too unproffesional for there own good.
  6. Bud, if you're an infanteer I bow to your 1st hand experience..... I kinda figured that the condolences thread was NOT the place to air these issues.

    From initial reports it seems that the French Army will have some 'lessons identified' to reflect on.
    (not least, airborne overwatch/sharing realtime INT/CASEVAC/QRF availability)

    USFOR has 7 years experience in theatre to draw on, UKFOR much the same - Check the accounts of 3 Para in Musa Qala if you think we've got it sewn up....

    In British view AFG is the most serious,sustained warfighting since Korea.....ask the Fusiliers.

    Sarko and les bonhommes will get the flavour soon enough.

  7. Apart from SOF units, no french unit has been involved in sustained (not just skirmishes) combat for about 30 years; the first instances of real combat will cost french forces dearly but I hope it will not be in vain.

    Kit is also very much to criticize; for example, no GPMG is currently in dismounted service in the french armed forces; only 50 years old ANF1 are still used on vhls but they are completely obsolete and very unreliable. How do you recover fire superiority with a FAMAS and 6 mags (that's the standard load for conventional units !), or even with a Minimi, when you are being pounded by PKMs and the like ? UGLs are also not available, only a crappy contraption based on the Fly-k system called the LGI with a ridiculous amount of ammo (less than 10 for a section IIRC).

    Flak jackets are OK but they were designed to stand guard in the bosnian winter, not to go taliban hunting in the afghan summer at an altitude of over 3,000 metres....the list is endless.

    So just like NI or the Falklands gave wake up calls to the brits, I hope Afghanistan will have the same effect on the french army, on its kit, training syllabus and efficiency.