French Far Right have BBC in a tizzy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartarse, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Could be interesting. I've often wondered how the BNP would do here if they ditched the overt racism, the skinhead thugs and the odious front man. Ok, I know UKIP tried it, but they put a pompous prat in charge, almost as repellent as Griffin.
  2. I said about 10 years ago to friends. That if an extreme political party went down the Tony Blair, or more modern "Call me" Dave Cameron approach with far right leanings they would probably do very well in a national election. Promise a tougher stance on crime, and I mean tougher (more jail terms, longer jail terms, more coppers out & about patrolling), and a more robust stance on immigration, and a lot of people would vote for them.

    I'm not getting into their other policies, lets assume they are more mainstream, like everyone else. And I'm not getting into how they would fund their new "iniatives".

    But a lot of the voting masses wouldn't look too deeply at the mechanics of them. They'd just see a party that is going to do something about those "bloody foreigners" and "dirty criminals".

    It's how other extreme parties in history have done it. I'd like to think I wouldn't be so easily fooled, but who knows?
  3. Wasn't there a poll a couple of weeks back saying that 54% of the electorate would vote for an anti-immigration party as long as they laid off the lightening strikes and skinheads,and were just a bit more fluffy?
  4. Just goes to show what an attractive face coupled with populist policies can do. However, the far right have always had a strong following in France and anti-semitism has always been a problem. Even her odious father managed to get to the second round of the presidential elections in 2002, until the great French Public realised what was going on. Personally, I would be more inclined to vote for her mother who appeared nude in Playboy displaying a fine body for a lady in her 50's (sorry, couldn't find any photos to publish).
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    Marine's father in 1957 as a 1er REP's a family trait to always go for the tough option...
  6. So lets get this right.... An ex para officer called his daughter MARINE .
  7. makes for intresting reading
  8. Here you go chaps :)
  9. Le Pen comes from Brittany and his father was a fisherman....this could explain the choice of name....BTW, Le Pen means "the main man" in Breton !
  10. Maybe he thought she was going to give up!
  11. Alessandra Mussolini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  12. Hmm, what irony, a racist serving in amongst a bunch of foreigners! He wangled his "Service Militaire" in the Legion, not sure how he did that and was disliked by officers then and now. His big power base is in the old Vichy France territories, funny that innit.

    "La Legion est dur mais la gamelle c'est sur."
  13. As a bit of background to this, Le Pen said that he would not pay her alimony and that she could become a cleaning lady! She certainly showed him a thing or two in Playboy and thankfully us! Those were the days when women still had hairy nether regions and real men did not have manbags.