French editors just can't help themselves!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgear, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. France: Prophet Cartoons Spark Protest Fears

    After days of protests in several countries over an anti-Muslim film, a French magazine prints cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

    Even though I believe all religions should be able to take a bit of a ribbing, I wonder if doing this at this time is really the best thing to do? I hate the thought of cowtowing to radicals but if someone is injured or killed because of this then its just not worth it
  2. I hate the fact that a UK TV station has pulled a programme about Islam because they are worried about the backlash.

    This is censorship and bullying of the worst sort by the Muslims, and only the thin end of the wedge.

    Start bending to this sort of pressure and the next things to go will be bacon in supermarkets, pubs, etc.

    You may thing this is being dramatic, but it WILL happen unless people stand up to them.
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  3. I still don't understand the mindset of being offended by something like a cartoon, when they either won't ever read it or shouldn't bother to read it if it offends them. I remember a comedian Steve Hughes saying how being offended doesn't mean anything, as nothing actually happens when you get offended. I will see if i can find the clip of it as it made sense to me.

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  4. Well done to the French magazine. If these clowns can't take a joke, **** 'em.
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  5. The French have firmly grasped the concept of Multiculturalism........and f**ked it off at the High Port...
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  6. Maybe if every newspaper and every media outlet all over the world published pictures of the prophet Mohammed they'd have to declare war on everyone and we could sort this out once and for all.

    I'm normally pretty moderate but I can't stand bullies. We have active anti bullying policies in our schools and workplaces but we allow these radicals to dictate to us. It will end in tears if we don't stand up to them.
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  7. The French Diplomatic Service will be grateful for the day off.

    On a serious note Joe is quite right. You can't give an inch to the medieval types.

    Yeah I can really see that happening.
  9. Inch by inch. Mile by mile.
  10. You seriously believe that?

    Even if we ignore the collective uproar and politicians engaging in good old fashioned populism, good old capitalism will ensure that things that have such a huge demand aren't going to disappear in case it offends a minority of a minority.

    Keep your outrage and fantasies of the repressed white man for the daily mail comments section.
  11. It all starts with Halal
    Halal Food Authority: About HFA

    Believe it.
  12. It has already happened.1998 Oxford St Werneth Oldham.Local Immams called on Oldham Council to remove planning permision for 2 butty shops because the odour from cooking bacon was offensive to the local (largely Muslim) community,the council gave in and closed both shops.
    Abbey Hills Rd Oldham 2003,the local 'Community Elders' ordered all Muslim property owners not to let their properties to single women.