French deport Islamic militants and Imams.... what about their human rights?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CplFoodspoiler, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    France deports Islamist militants, imams amid crackdown | Reuters

    Sounds like a plan to me. Seems like there is some kind of joined up thinking involved here. They hate us, they don't like our society, they want to kill all non believers - fuck 'em. Send them back to places where free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of religion are unknown. Jobs a good 'un, they should fit right in.

    No courts, no rich lawyers, no fuss just a one way ticket to the 14th century.

    EDIT: The 'what about their human rights' bit is meant to be taken as an attempt at irony. Not seriously. Fuck their rights, what about mine?
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  2. But what would the Court of Human Rights Inc say if the UK followed suit?
    God forbid a stiff scolding from the EU.
  3. Sarko electioneering, they've been deporting Beards every now and then since the 90s.
  4. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry, had no time to read the article, but may I presume that our Gallic cousins deported their undesirables to Dover?
  5. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I have to say, I like the Frenchies style over this.
    There must be loads we can send back to various holes around the world.
  6. The upside is that MI6 can keep a close eye on them, which is why we don't deport the likes of Abu Hamza.
  7. I notice it doesn't say where they expelled them to.

    Going by past evidence it is a fair chance they are sitting in Dover quoting asylum laws as we speak!
  8. Surely little Sarko would not be that cruel? I mean Kent... the horror, the horror.
  9. Firstly we have not deported our unwanted Islamic extremists in the direction of the UK we have returned them from whence they came – Mali & Algeria. What is happening is nothing new, just makes it into the media because of the Mohammed Merah affair. My country does not tolerate extremism of whatever hue….. and considering what happened in Toulouse and Montauban makes us more vigilant than ever. All those who seek to impose intolerance by word or deed contrary to the well-being of our people will be instantly put outside the territory of the French Republic, there will no exception, there will be no leniency.

    Those deported thus far include a convicted terrorist and Algerian activist Ali Belhadad, who has served a prison sentence for his part in the 1994 attack on a Marrakech hotel in which gunmen killed two people and wounded two others and has know links to a radical Islamic movement and an anti-Semitic Malian imam Almany Baradji who was preaching jihad and civil disobedience.

    Banning orders are in place naming various extremists who are inciting racial hatred and violence, these people will be precluded from entering my country should they try to return. Moves are also under-way to expel another 17 Islamic activists including Saudi, Tunisian and Turkish citizens. Many will complain we are riding roughshod over the human rights of those deported, to those that complain I say the overriding issue is public safety. If that means we deport, ban or exclude those who’s conduct likely to harm the fundamental interests of the state then so be it.
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  10. Erm...could you ask your government to take over from the spineless Human Rights appeasers we have in our government and apply a bit of the same here?


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  11. Whilst admiring your sentiments, I think you'll find that it's our spineless judges who block the deportations. The government (this and previous ones) have tried on many occasions to get these militants deported only for the courts to block them on the grounds of "right to family life" or "right to own a cat" etc. Then again, some judges have also complained that they can't deport someone as the "higher" courts would block it.
    The question should be, why the fuck do the UK courts try and find a way not to deport someone when the French try to find ways to carry out the deportations? Aren't all EU countries subject to the same rules?
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  12. Yet again the surrender monkeys have got something right. Should our government follllow? Yes it should. Will our government follow? I doubt it.
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  13. @exbleep At the end of the day, the government has a right to bypass the courts in such issues. It chooses not to, I am guessing due to worrying that it may be accused of racism and draconian methods.
  14. It's telling that a govt is more concerned with its image than with the reality of having dribbling loons roaming the streets and fomenting anarchy. Bit of a bugger being outmachoed by the French.

    Will Sarkozy grab CMD by the collar at their next meeting, pull his head down to dwarf level and say "You are girly-man, hein?"
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