French cut retirement age to 60

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. So as an eu citizen we can live in France , could we then draw a pension at 60?
  2. interesting question. Doubt it but if you could then by implication every man and his dog (subject to quarantine :) ) would be able to upsticks from eastern europe and rock up here to screw the NHS and claim state pension from 67.

    How would the Somalis feel about having to queue?
  3. What's a priviledge - is it the place Hollande decides to end it all when his Socialist/Euro dream blows up?
  4. Mais non Monsuir!

    Only le Rossbiffs are stupid enough to allow every man and his non entitled dog to come dans their country and partake of the benefits without contributing.
  5. They're not taking the Euro crisis seriously, like us.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    What he said. From experience and what I've seen in others, the ability to do stuff you enjoy; run, jump, climb, good mental faculties etc... between 40 and 50 the difference is next to nowt. 50 - 60 is slight. 60 - 70 is a big difference. 70 - 80 you are in a proper lottery (people unlucky with illness or getting smashed up aside). 60 is a fair age to retire.
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  7. What they say about European legislation:

    1. The French propose it; for their benefit.
    2. The Germans produce the legislation.
    3. The Italians ignore the legislation.
    4. The British vigorously police and enforce the legislation.

    The French, unlike the UK, always looks after the interests of France.
  8. It was 62 before and you have to have started work at 18 to get the extra two years. Bit of a bung to his blue collar base, might help the unemployment figures, older French employees tend to be pretty slow moving anyway. Frau Merkel won't be pleased.
  9. Can nicely kicked down the road for short term political gain ... the next generation will be around to pick up the tab .... unless of course life expectancy , uniquely , is falling in France .
  10. ya me too BUT then i remembered i joined the arrse forign legion at the week-end !! thet must mean i revert to euro status and can now retire on an excessive gold plated pension like the french- ! "go pack the bags mrs oldmanron were off"
  11. I doubt it's a luxury that can be afforded in many countries in europe as there are too many old folk, not enough young uns and to make worse too few decent jobs. France actually isn't too bad in this respect, they have lots of yoof and as yet they've not had to flit to find work as in hard breeding Ireland, the UK is in the middle, but the Germans, Swiss or Poles really need to be retiring at 70. As for the Greeks beggars'-Ed courses might be the only option for their elderly as they don't breed and every kid who can is probably going to leave.
    Lesson #3, the sobbing Lotus in an urban setting.

    Myself I think people should continue to work while able, anything else is worse than youthful sponging as by then one should know better and the quality time is not when you are waiting for death. For the desk bound this isn't much of a hardship, I always liked the Japanese idea of "graceful fall" where a salaryman winds down his hours and responsibilities and is eased into a late retirement. It's not so easy for people with more active professions, they are often buggered by 60.
  12. It's also fair to look at occupational groups and young people are much more cocooned at work than the middle aged and older.