French Commandos Swoop

Ill never insult the French again (even though their's a tricle of french in me)
Georgelin said no public money was paid to free the hostages but he indicated that the ships owner had paid a ransom, part of which was found with the escaping pirates.

Oh well...

I thought the best part of the article was that an Admiral parachuted into the sea (& was then picked up by the Froggy Navy) in order to lead the mission.

He's probably watched Red October too many times.
Even more impressive is that the Somali pirates are being brought back to France to face trial.

Not too sure of the legalities behind such a move but well done the Frogs for showing some backbone.

I wonder if we would have the cojones to do something similar?
Damn shame that summarily hanging from the yardarm has gone from fashion.

Even in the US there is no death penalty for piracy, just life with no parole.

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