French Commando Course

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by wellyhead, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. Any one done this ? About 15 years ago there were flyers all over the place asking brit soldier to do it, I just wonder if they open it up for us.

    Seem to remember talking to those that did it that it was complete pish and the only people to fail it was the french, eye-ties and spetics (thier claim not mine) anyone care to throw light on this ?
  2. i think its the one where you run over an assault in reverse order with your hands up waving a white flag ?
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  3. They have a well cool 19th century fort with loads of high wires over cliffs near some where called Quberion. CUOTC went there in 2001. Like the crystal maze that place, got a sweet death slide thingy too
  4. Some time between 84 and 86 my old inf bn sent an entire pl to do it. All passed with flying colours.
  5. Les grenouilles have a bunch of different courses, all giving a commando badge, but with different enamelled centres to them. They range from the laid-back Crystal Maze place, to some fairly sporty numbers, notably in French Guiana and Reunion. As a rule of thumb, if any of the DS are wearing green berets, it's going to be a bit fluffy all round.
  6. The French have a different attitude to Commando Training than the Brits: Rather than selecting individuals for elite training, whole companies are sent to learn generic commando skills such as OBUA, laying of explosives etc. The training teams of the Centres d'Entrainement Commando do not go out of their way to fail individuals, but encourage teamwork and camaraderie so that the whole company passes out (rather like TESEX for UK inf bns).

    Not easier, not harder, just different.
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  7. .

    Mais Voila, un ancien de la 1ere Cie (allez les Vertes).
    It helps if you're an amateur gymnast, or trapeez artist. However, don't worry too much about tactics or any of that soldiering stuff, it doesn't bothers the French !! Mind you I found it helps if you've got a strong set of vocal cords...enjoy
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  8. Is that Fort Boyard?

    Is that vertically challenged gentleman DS? :lol:
  9. Bienvenue Leon. More Majorum. I hope you have fully recovered from the celebrations of the fete de St Michel?
  10. Malhereusement, Non. Can't even get me hands on a shandy round here, let alone 'une caisse de Kros'. Anyway, did I say allez the vertes....Sorry mec, I meant to say Allez les Noirs!! Repos..
  11. In the early eighties almost a complete Battery attended a course near trier. Very enjoyable experience. The only gripe was the meals and the very dodgy wine with every meal. Monster badge on completion of the course, good for hiding behind.
  12. So how long was the course then?
  13. I went to Trier with a composite Platoon ca 1977 to do this course. It was run as a competition between our platoon 2 American Platoons and 2 French Platoons. We won by such a margin it was embarrassing. It consisted of such things as explosives training, working in tunnels a P Coy type trainasium. And other skills deemed by the French to be commando skills. The course culminated with an exercise. Starting in hide positions then advance to contact and an attack, all pretty basic stuff. No problem to a UK infantry Platoon.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    You know when French SF are operating in your back garden because the dog's pregnant and all the snails have gone.
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