French Chavs

Speaking German in the vid :)
Proberblywas German. I had no audio and saw it was a Fench site. Ah well. Still a contender for the Darwinawards.


Done by British chavs ages ago, it made the news! Search for "motorbike and roundabout" on YouTube. 2 slags get royally launched!!
wasnt one of the brit chavs killed doing it?


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funny, but not nearly as funny as the chav who got his ankle eaten by that wall.
Arseholes all, but I'd like to get a closer look at the chavettes in video #2. Might be something there worth a poke. ;-) :p
A poke with a smatchet, preferably...

German Chavs (Central Germany somewhere), Spanish website.
"schwarzarbeiter Polacke"

come on guys, you can't possibly confuse that for french! :p

well 'ard isn't he, smoking his spliff before the ride. :)

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