French ban tomato sauce!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Who cares, they are French after all. It's not like they matter or anything.
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  2. You can't beat a squirt of ketchup on the old snails & frogs legs.
  3. You might just as well pour sugar over your food and then dip it in vinegar.

    Same result as eating ketchup.
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  4. If you need tomato sauce on your food, perhaps you should have another look at what you're eating.
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  5. Stoopid frogs....almost as ridiculous as changing the name of French fries to Freedom fries
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I'll take your word for that.
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  7. 'Twas referred to as Australian gravy in our Mess. We had to stock it for the likes of the REME fellow and others of his ilk - always served in a silver bowl.
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  8. How long before they ban custard?
  9. ...and the tomato sauce took on a black hue at the edges... How long before the silver bowl dissolved?
  10. It'll be English mustard & Gentleman's Relish next.
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    They only banned it because it reminds them of blood and blood means you didn't surrender quick enough !!
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  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    That'll piss off Jarrod.
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  13. Good for them. Just because our seething, unwashed plebian masses seek to train their offsprings palates down to the basest level, why do we expect the French to follow suit.
    If the food you're eating is so lacklustre that it requires the addition of ketchup, you need to rethink your diet.
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  14. Ah! You mean, "add garlic"?
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