French Back To Normal


Your post removed twice. This is not the Naafi bar.

The cheese eating surrender monkey always complain, so what we won, and saved there country twice, so they should still be thank full they have a country with which to bid for the olympics with!!
Fair enough really; had we lost that contest we'd be complaining just as much. After the bombings, it's not sympathy we're looking for, but solidarity. If the French are getting back to normality on this, then good for them, and us. It means we're getting on with life, which denies the terrorist his objective.

PTE_BOZZ said:
It would appear that the french apathy with london ended rather quickly. They have complained that it was unfair that london got the Olympic Games.

''Organisers of the French bid had complained that Blair's presence in Singapore three days ahead of the final IOC vote breached bidding regulations and put them at a disadvantage''.
The Froggie president went to Singapore too ... or didn't his countrymen notice? lol

I'm sure there was mention of him doing that on the news? or am I going mad? must be all that beef I eat *rofl*

Vik xx

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