French at it again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. I read today, Daily Telegraph 5th June, that militant French power workers are threatening to cut power supplies at the D Day commoration events.

    What a pity they never thought of doing this in 1944, they could have disrupted German communications. With French fishermen blockading the Channel ports to keep E boats in port and French farmers barricading the roads to keep German reinforcements from reaching the beaches - why, they could have caused chaos!

    nB: Ah! but who to? :? :?
  2. I really really dislike the French.

    Its about time we gave them a good hiding i think, its been 69 years since Oran.
  3. 2 of my mates and I tried to invade the cheese eating surrender monkeys a couple of years ago, we failed as we couldn't afford a ferry, you cant paddle from Folkestone to Calais and one of us was too drunk to be of any real use.

    Surely if all us Arrser's get together we can take over and burn some french farmers/electricians! I own a shotgun and i'm free on Saturday if that helps?
  4. Living in Dover as i do i hate the French with a passion count me in.
  5. perfectly good waste of a morning.
    why would you want to rule France?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    See the 'Atrociteur' thread for further updates. :twisted:
  7. Wait till Fantassin gets here...
    He will start mouthing off that France made the biggest contribution to WW2 and that we have some cheek turning up to celebrate our minor contribution at D-Day, and that Frenchman deserve the right to be a bunch of wingy, striking, idle barstewards because they saved the world from the evil tyranny of nazism and subsequently US imperialism...
    before surrendering under the weight of backlash.
  8. Here I am and here is the truth you don't want to hear about :

    As usual the Murdoch gutter press delivering half truth just to start the French bashing all over again...last week, the so called "snub" (in fact a British cock-up) that...

    The truth: a small group of communist trade unionists from the CGT TU have threatened illegal power cuts in the city centre area of Caen where Sarko and Obama will have their lunch on the 6 of June. The EDF electricity company has already announced they will take them to court if they do that and they have condemned those possible actions.

    Not exactly "the French"...

    BTW, where is the thread on over 60 WW2 veterans, including Brits, receiving the Legion d'Honneur today in Paris ? The French at it again ?

  9. There we go, always turns up to spoil our french-bashing parties :(
  10. You always have to go and spoil it for the rest of us don't you Fantassin?
  11. Let it be known for the record that this quotation has been doctored and that I did not write it.

    And BTW, the CGT ******* have not mentioned they will disturb the celebrations with the veterans, all they have said was that "Sarkozy will maybe have to eat his lunch cold". All the rest is Murdochian lies dished out for the purpose of French bashing.
  12. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Erm small point fantassin; the Telegraph isn't owned by Murdoch, its owned by (Sirs) David & Frederick Barclay who live in tax havenly bliss on the island of Sark

    Anyhoo, pedantry mode off, Carry on.

  13.'re being sarcastic?
  14. Any attempts to derail such a ceremony should result in serious jail time.

    Its completely Outrageous that they would even threaten it.
  15. Sheesh... you know, I have found that if you ever run afoul of a drunken Brit in a bar the quickest way to reverse the situation is to say something disparaging about the French... found it to work equally well on Northumberland farmers as the London pinstriped suited and umbrella toting crowd. Have to wonder if the subtle rivalry between your two nations will ever end... kinda like a disfunctional marriage in a love/hate sort of way.