French Army Storm Barracks!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by royalmile, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. It must be the 3eme RPIMA, they have a small CRW contingent and are based in Carcassonne. Hope the injured pull through ok!
  2. Clowns. The only time they conduct offensive operations, it's by mistake.
    How the hell does a "mistake" like that happen?
  3. Is it a mistake? Perhaps the soldier whose weapon it was, commited the act deliberatly!
  4. I find it impossible to believe that any trained soldier does not check his Magazine Load before loading his weapon.
  5. Yeah, me too John. Good point.
  6. Actually, I would have expected that an NCO/Officer would have conducted an inspection or at least ordered an inspection.

    Surprising the soldier(s) involved did not notice the recoil difference.
  7. how the hell could you shoot 16 people by accident!!?? surely after the first 15 folk collapsed in a heap you'd know something was up.
  8. Its been done before on woodbury common unfortunately
  9. Well we managed to have enough accidents to justify having a bullet stopping bfa ,but, An event like this you'd think they would do rehersals
    and blank rounds would come from new box not a sand bag of loose ?
  10. Didn't the aussies have a similar incident on a training exercise?

    They were just back from Ops and the enemy MG was loaded with live rounds. It didn't strike him as wrong as he was so used to seeing live loaded.

    Apparently he was reported to have said 'they are acting well' as he dropped a few before the safety noticed the error.
  11. Such incidents are not unkown to UKLF, which is why we now have magazines that can ONLY take blank rounds, and a Safe Blank Firing Attatchment that can stop up to three live rounds should a live mag be fitted in error.

    Bet the RCO is poohing his pants, though...