French army red-faced after command post stolen

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. The French army top-brass were left red-faced when after a mobile command post worth 600,000 euros (£523,000), complete with military computers, was stolen, judicial sources said on Tuesday.

    The command post was supposed to have been sent to the Ivory Coast The modular command post system, which resembles a cargo container, was discovered during the search of a warehouse in Bobigny, northeast of Paris, that had been rented by a man suspected of fraud, a judicial source said.

    The 20-foot (seven-metre) unit contained computers with “non sensitive” data on them, a source close to the inquiry said.

    The army noticed the command post was missing from its Montlhery barracks south of Paris during an inventory on July 18.

    Investigators suspect someone inside the barracks of involvement with the theft as the command unit can only be moved by a flatbed truck.

    The Le Parisien newspaper reported the command post was supposed to have been sent to the Ivory Coast, where former colonial ruler France has a large military presence supporting a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

    A 46-year-old Ivorian national and another suspect have been arrested and another two other suspects are being investigated, the local magistrate said.
  2. Knowing the Frnch, it's not surprising that they did not realise it was gone, as it's probably the only one they have! as "command" is not a word i would associate with the French Military! bloody frogs!!! why oh why have we not put automated sentry guns on the Chunnel yet???? wishful thinking i suppose!!
  3. Truth be known, their mobile command post surrendered.
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  4. Slightly wrong there dear heart, a group of Breton Trawlermen found it abandoned in a lay-by and are now using it to store fish.
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  5. Had to inspect Milan systems at a previous unit. Very confuzzled when found there was an extra Milan post in the store. I decided to see what the fuck was going on. Spoke to the CQMS who informed; "Oh yeah, it's French!" My reply; " I know they're made in France!" He continued: "No, it belonged to the French - our mob nicked it of them in the Gulf." (It was 'manned' at the time!) :) I heard it might now be in a dark corner of a museum somewhere.
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  6. Didn't know the Kingos went to GWI
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  7. So it surrendered to a bunch of smelly french walts?
  8. We are not to hot at keeping tabs on our kit, an MGB or part of went missing from Wainscott camp and nobody noticed for days.
  9. I had the opposite in GW1, SCOTs DG came to the Convoy Marshalling Area to pick up their lot of large metal things with big guns, i had 22 on my manifest, they had 21 drivers!! "this one is yours as well" said I, "not ours said they, we don't want it" despite it having a Scottish flag on it, Callsign "OB" and the Regt plate matched the unit!! so i asked what i was supposed to do with a spare Chally, and got the reply "sell it for all we care". I did try but no one wanted it!! got to learn to drive it though, had a lot of fun blitzing around Saudi in it!! one of my section was an ex-tankie so gave us all lessons on how not to drive it!! really disappointed that they hadnt left any ammo in it, as that would have been a real hoot!!!!
    We parked it up when we moved forward, and 7 months later when we were transiting back out, it was still there. probably still is!!!
    So if any ex-QM or RQMS from the SCOTS DG ever recalls a missing Chally in 1991 when they got back to Fallingbostal, then that's where it went.
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  10. My bold

    True! Had a guy at 11 Armd Bde in Minden bragged he could steal anything. We challenged him to steal the cover of a 10-ton truck. "No problem" says he. Went to the Gloucesters' Bks up the road, drove onto the MT park, found one and got two of the Gloucesters guys themselves (!) to help him into the landie with it. Time taken? Less than between NAAFI break and lunch. Can't remember his name, but he was the one who was later removed very quickly from Kingsley after being accused of kiddie-fiddling. (c. 1974/5)
  11. Makes a change from them losing the nerve!
  12. An MGB! what the fuck were you doing with a Motor Gun Boat??
  13. Ah good to see2Lancs getting over to France
  14. Not Kingos - might have been a unit that were near a small river that wasn't too warm! :)
  15. A drop in the ocean compared to our loss of bowman kit, bloody amateurs!
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