French Arms Scandal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pork_Pie, Dec 3, 2003.

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    This is slightly old news, but still surprised me.

    The French appeared to have bribed the Taiwanese to win a naval contract.

    Then, when word got out, 8 people connected to the contract were either murdered, or had unfortunate accidents.

    Taiwanese democracy has been more effective in investigating matters than its French counterpart, despite our friends' long history of liberty, equality & fraternity.
  2. another reason not to trust the french and their euro army shite :evil:
  3. I don't have the link but the septics have just cancelled a $18 bn contract with Boeing because a top Pentagon official joined boeing shortly after deciding who got the contract. Boeing sacked her a few months later.
  4. I heqard a rumor several years ago that when the Greek army were trailing out for a new MBT they were choosing between the American Abrams, the British Challenger 3 and the French MX. The Challenger 2 was way out in front during testing with the Abrams coming in second. As such the French were caught trying to sabotage both vehicles. IMHO The French are right up there with the Isrealis for sheer underhanded dodgyness.
  5. The French up to no good - quelle surprise!

    Who was Phony Bliar shaking hands with a few days ago - Chirac, of course; a better example of dishonest and dishonourable men you could not wish to see.
  6. The French have shared their ships with the Royal Navy before; we took them off them at Trafalgar.
  7. These sorts of joint defence projects don't usually work, with one partner left footing the bill when the other partner/s pull out.


    Any one notice the deliberate error? If the carriers are going to be compatible with the Dassault aircraft only, them how will both countries' aircraft use them? Unless of course the surrender prone, simian, fromage-munchers are planing to try and sell us their smelly frog planes...
  8. Naturally les Grenouilles would not attempt to influence our Foreign Policies by making it difficult to use "their" carrier.

    Imagine what would have happened in GW2 if we had wanted to send the carrier towards Iraq, bearing in mind the buggers never wanted a war against Saddam in the first place.

    Anyway. Time for a cuppa.
  9. Old news, indeed. The Taiwanese frigate thing has been investigated to death in France - they only got rid of a Foreign Minister and president of the State Council, Roland Dumas, and sent him to jail for it. Sirven, Le Floch-Prigent and the rest of the Elf crowd who were involved in this got sent down just the other week.