French armed forces finally adopt the FN MAG (GPMG)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fantassin, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. 52 years after the MAG was introduced, the French army has finally decided to adopt it.....about bloody time if you ask me.

    100 million Euros for roughly 11,000 GPMGs with the first 500 delivered in 2011.

    Afghanistan does have a good side to it after all.

    ITC Wales Support Fire expertise on the GPMG will sure come in handy pretty soon and I would not be surprised if the French school of infantry turned to Brecon for support when they introduce this new weapon.

    In French only so far (Belgian press celebrating the contract)

    La FN décroche un contrat juteux de 100 millions - RTL info
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    My first thought was that I guess our grandkids will still be using 7.62...
    My second thought was that it sounds expensive for such a well established weapon.
    My third was that it is a heavy twat to lug around.... ;-)
  3. I want to burst the news readers bottom.
  4. Burst it? Dont get too excited, at least leave some for the rest of us
  5. I'd love to know how they came up with the exact figure of 10,881 gats.
  6. Why don't we start a ruck with the French, they will surrender their arms, we prof new gats!
  7. Probably something to do with all the co-ax and other vehicle/ship/helo mounted weapons and with the fact that a few hundred (200 ?) 7,62 Minimi are already in service with the French army.

    I heard that for this contract, there are actually more mounted weapons than infantry weapons and that is why at some point HK had offered to re-work the old and now unreliable French ANF1 MMG (like they did for the SA80) so it would fit perfectly as a co-ax weapon without needing to modify the mounts like they will probably have to with the purchase of the MAG.

    Anyway, getting a new MAG is 1000 times better than getting a reworked ANF1.
  8. Don't even need to do that they're wil lbe plenty left on a beach somewhere when the boxheads come through Belgium for their usual summer excursion, been delayed a bit too long of late, the ******* must be itching for another pop.
  9. Is my french rusty !

    D'un poids de 12 kilos, elle peut être utilisée sur bipied (1.000 coups à la minute) ou trépied (1.500 coups à la minute).
  10. The Belgian article is utter tripe but it does confirm the deal....
  11. €9000 per gat? Even if they were all supplied to SF role CES, that would seem a lot. Are a quarter of them attached to vehicles?
  12. 1. It'll serve them just as well as it served their grandparents generation
    2. It's France's money and non of my concern!
    3. You are to old to be worrying about having to carry it
  13. The high price tag probably means that life cycle costs are already incorporated. It seems to be the case for all weapons recently purchased for the FRA armed forces.
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  14. At the risk of showing my ignorance of weaponry ... does this mean there's some little switch that allows you to up the rate of fire when you plonk the thing on a tripod? But stops cowboys like me setting the thing to 1500 rpm while it's on a bipod?!?
  15. Yes and no. You can set the gas regulator to a high rate of fire. More useful when you're static (e.g. in SF role) and are feeding from ammo boxes. If you're mobile, chances are you'll have a short belt and you'll want to conserve ammo, so you'd have the gas regulator adjusted down. Ability to absorb recoil also comes into it, I imagine.

    So, yes, you could fire it at 1500rpm on the bipod - but would you really want to?